Saturday, January 21, 2012

Journey to Paris

Sleepy T_____T 
So, mari kita update blog! *grin*

Told ya our (his) plan to Paris was decided in a very very last minute. Plus, going to Paris has never been discussed seriously, ever, before that:/
For us trip to Europe is a serious matter. haha..Jauh its winter. You have to put extra thoughts about everything.
Because it was a last minute plan, all decision has to be made fast!No time for bargaining and all.
As for the air ticket, we were advised to get it from agent since its a last minute case. 
Tickets received only on the Jan, 2nd, which is a day before our departure (plus new year holiday and all...things got more complicated). Worst, my name was spelled wrongly! >,< 
Tapi mendapat suami yang bijaksana *blush* he took care of it calmly (unlike his wife yang dah lari2 satu rumah tarik rambut) and settled it through a konbini jek (how convenient is their convenient store:/)

Everything were then in our hands.
After much consideration, we decided to travel by Japanese Airlines (JAL). The reason being only..there was no transit. 

Our air ticket. The transit was only from Nagoya to Narita.

My breakfast in Nagoya. It was too early in the morning. No I go with porridge. Sedap >,<

However, we didn't aware we will be starving (seriously we were starving!) the whole journey from Tokyo to Paris @_@
The in-flight meal for muslim. OMG..sgt tak sedap T___T Tapi yang ni ok sikit..Journey to Paris (~17hours) lagi teruk makanan kami T___T yours truly siap nk muntah lagi lepas makan T___T Pengajaran: Naikla Emirates ke..Etihad ke..MAS ke kalau nak makan sedap :P

The dessert!

Another meal. yours truly makan buah n croisson je:/

Lesson learnt, we tapaoed lamb kebab for our flight home..but..we didn't eat it at all sebab fell asleep most of the time :D
Despite of the not-so-delicious food, all about JAL was awesome. We expected that since they are operated by Japanese kan??heee..
Cume..landing..yours truly nausea:/

So, to readers who have plan to fly from Japan, JAL is one to consider if you don't admire to be floating for 24hours >,<


  1. Last minute but looked like well planned...

  2. on the scene je:/ tp mls las tu x tido gak ar sebab survey2 hotel >,<



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