Friday, January 27, 2012

The Brunel Hotel, Paddington, London

Light snow falling of the sky greeted my morning:) Although chilling, the view does warm my heart:) oh well, I am wearing a piece from Primark. Albeit synthetic, it works well to keep me physically warm too :D

Let's move on with another review.
We didn't have much time to do survey and fight over it. ehe..The few hours we got was mainly being wasted on surveying hotel in Paris. For London stay, we didn't have much problem because most of the hotels that were within our budget are mostly at par with our requirement. 
We search for hotel based on:
1. Location: it has to be in Paddington. This was based on our auntie's recommendation. I have to say, it was a good choice. i could not imagined any better than this place. Hotel also must be within walking distance from the underground station.

2. Wi-fi service: Very important to search for information, keeping in touch with family members (cheapest way!), and preparing for tomorrow's trip plan:D Also, for those who's having jetlag, anda boleh tweet dengan orang Malaysia and Japan (Yours truly la tu :/). Brunel Hotel provided us with free, no password wifi in our room! (unlike Hipotel, besides requires an IMF level password, we also had to access internet in their 'lobby' only. Tapi oklah free daripada tak ada langsung..)

3. Food: MashaAllah...risau sangat pasal makanan...Paddington awesome!Besides rows of souvenir shops along the road, there are plenty of Halal restaurant. Tak tesempat nak cuba semua >,<Yang pagi bestnya, halal restaurant ni include the KFC (big deal for those of muslim residing in Japan, k), Subway (again, big deal), and others of Londoners' :'). 

4. Near to Malaysian Hall: We didn't go despite of sangat dekat. Tak sempat la :/ We heard there's a FOOD COURT of MALAYSIAN DISHES!!!Tapi still, stuck dekat Tukdin:/ 

From King's Cross St. Pancras to Paddington. Dekat sangat :') Paddington pun station yang besar. Connecting many other lines. So, senang for you to travel around London:') and nak catch intercity train later pun no need rushing:') hence Paddington is strongly recommended for stay:)

As we came out of the huge Paddington station:) It's nice to savor your eyes with totally different view from other places you had visited :) 

The room. Not very spacious like the one in Paris. Tapi enough je:) Bed and ambience yang sangat comfortable. Alhamdulillah we made a great choice:)

Other facility. All basic everyday needs provided and well functional. I believed, I was one of those who knows the current news like the back of my hand. I kept watching news in rotation due to jet lag:/

The clean toilet and all sabuns provided (again, unlike Hipotel despite on the same rate:P). Brunel and Hipotel both are three stars hotel tapi layanan and the service sangatla different. Brunel hotel sangat neat, clean and cantikla hotelnya, unlike Hipotel :P

The shower. Very important to show as some hotel do not provide private shower >,< Oh, that's the case of Paris:/

Lagi penting, depan hotel ada restoran Malaysia. Lol XD. Kami melabur di restoran ni berapa GBP sudah..

In front of the hotel. Nampak curlassss kan? memang..all awesome!^_^

One of a kind taxi yang boleh jumpa di London aje :D 

Inside the 'Tube'; the name of their public train. That was early in the morning, that why I was immersed in their free newspapers yang bersepah-sepah >,< 

Oh, yang membuatkan I lagi suka hotel ni sebab....bawah hotel ni ada supermarket 'Nisa Local' open 24hours :D So, whenever I feel hungry (apparently, not just my eyes je yang jet lag, perut pun T____T), I will ask (nag) hubby to buy me cookies, buns and milk (tapi tak lapar pun nak sebab cookies and susu kedai ni sedap sangat T__________T). I know how can milk sedap and tak sedap..I can't explain, you have to go sana and minumla kalau tak caye sangat >,<
Semua di sini sangat mudah!
I strongly recommend you to find hotel in Paddington! Better Brunel hotel. Murah and best!ehe..
We stayed for 5 days, and tak cukup. Jangan buat silap seperti kami. Sila stay lebih lama :D

Write to you more, later:)
Have a nice day!

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