Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Paris to London

I hope my reviews will help you all, dear readers to get the pictures for your visit later:)

Now I'm done with my ultimate aim to visit Paris, the Eiffel tower.
So, we moved to London on the 3rd day.
A night before our departure to Paris, we purchased the Eurostar ticket, the express train connecting Paris to London.
Somehow, we didn't get the confirmation e-mail from the agent. Could it because we bought it in a very last minute?
When we arrived in Paris, the first thing we did was..settling the ticket. Apparently, that's common problem they are facing. The Eurostar tu pun annoyed by the online agent (the counter girl told us).
So, for you guys, do no worry, you can buy ticket at the counter je pun boleh..Well, except if its peak season. We finally bought the ticket from the counter since our initial purchase could not be traced.
From Voltaire (our first stay in Paris) to the Gare Du Nord (the biggest station I assume).
Here's a tip; when you arrive to the airport, first station you have to head to (if you macam clueless la) Gare Du Nord. Usually people will get their connecting train from here. Please be very careful of your belongings. It is a very huge station with suspicious looking people everywhere:/
Inside the Gare Du Nord. Classic sangat. Tapi in yours truly eyes, it was a gloomy, dodgy and dirty?:/

Checking out from Hipotel Voltaire.

In front of Gare Du Nord. 

 Please take note that, London and Paris located in different country, there will be immigration procedure that you have to passed before you can board the train. So, it's like checking in for airplane, this intercity train also requires you to check in latest by 30 minutes before departure. I advice you to come earlier la sebab bukan ko sorang je kot yang nak ride..Ramai gila >,<

Inside Eurostar. Okla, comfortable. Shinkansen is of course way more comfortable.

Hubby is studying while his wife 'pengsan'. Seriously..I suffered the most of jet lag. Beliau tak affected langsung. Nasib baik..he is my protector after all..:) I couldn't open my eyes at all..T__T
Oh, forgot to mention, our supposedly 2 hours journey was extended to another 50 minutes due to technical problem. We were given discount for next ride. cehh..tapi tiket return dah beli :/

Sampai King's Cross St. Pancras station. Lihat mata yours truly still bengkak :/ oh, and lihat!!!London is so much 'terang' and clean!!can you see the difference??Welcome to the 2012 Olympic City :)

Undeniably cantik gila kot station derang. and not to forget..clean!The people also tak adala garang-garang semacam je :/

Our stay located in Paddington. Just 15 minutes from King's Cross :D and Paddington is also one of the biggest:) yey! That's yours truly at the Paddington station. HUGE.

Lega dah sampai London coz finally we didn't anymore berteka teki looking for direction.
Now I can communicate with..people and understand what they said! hahaha..English everywhere..aduh senangnya..semua bende tanya walaupun tahu dah. haha..
Our hotel pun alahai dekat sangat dengan Paddington station. 
Malaysia Hall juga located in Paddington:) I heard there are food court in Malaysia Hall. But we tak sempat nak pergi coz this one Malaysian restaurant IN FRONT OF our hotel was sooo irresistable!!

After bag drop, and rehat kejap, we decided to hunt for food.
For muslim, Paddington would be one easy place. KFC, Subway halal. And there are so many other halal restaurant around. Basically, yang halal lagi banyak daripada tak halal..hehe..
So, baru setapak jalan, kami nampak perkataan "Tukdin, flavor of Malaysia." 
kami tanpa berlengah..terus je masuk.haha..

Our first dinner in London, makanan Malaysia. bahaha..Masak lemak cili padi daging salai..tell me how on earth could you resist that. Especially when you came from Japan yang memang makan daging 6 bulan sekali. Inikan pulak daging salai masak lomak T___T

Kami suami isteri memang suka makan nasi minyak. And there was one of the best nasi minyak we ever tasted :') Oh, itu terung bercili. Sedap T____T memang patutla restaurant ni ramai orang and banyak table! 

I'll review about the hotel we stayed in the next entry. Among all stays, this one in London is so far our favourite. Nothing minus point I could give to this hotel:)

Till then, see you in the next entry:) 


  1. u know what wani, travel europe ni mmg best sbb transportation nie mmg sgt easy and efficient kan :) i pi german baru nie, kami beli tiket online sesiap, sbb bila check, mmg lebih murah, erm kalau kami yg pakai Ringgit nie la. kalau Yen, tak sure plak.

  2. any negare membgn mmg gitu termskla singapore:)
    tula..kalo on9 murah sikit la kalo nk dah agent tu sengal..:/ u dah balik lom reen?:D x sbr nk tggu review ni:D



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