Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedding of the Decade..

At first I thought many bloggers that I knew will post about the legendary royal wedding..but turned out..none o_O??hoho..

I'm not going to post about that too..not because of the idea 'everybody in the world has seen it..hence don't wanna be cliche'. I can't put any post because..I am one of the small potion on earth who didn't watch the moment T_T..and put in a more detail scale, I am one of the people on planet earth who didn't watch the historic moment and chose to watch live football match at the stadium instead (while I had never watch any football match even on TV =|). Oh, to put it a more odd situation, I went to the football match with the whole bunch of boys and I am the only girl. The only person I knew was my husband=| sekian..

Everything happened on that Friday was unplanned. Of course my night was supposed to be a night where I will do some house chores while turning on the TV watching the historical royal wedding kan. I admit that I was not into the wedding..but still, royal wedding is not often to see in a person's life. Especially such a fame royal like Britain's.

At 3, hubby talked to me about following him to a live football match at Nagoya Stadium. I was like.."what are you talking about??I didn't even watch the TV ones."
And then he was using the skill of guilty pleasure=| That's when..I was trapped and left with no choice other than..."ok..since we are married..I think I should try do things that you like" (while had no idea that I will be joining a boys troop and I am the only girl).

The game was between Nagoya and Kawasaki.
Of course we support Nagoya team ^_^ Go Nagoya!hoho..

Look at my smile!!I was sooo 'happy'!!haha kaler merah! (I was wonder they [the boys] wore red color husband worse..he wore the ugliest red shirt since that's the only red attire he has T_T)..

Ok, from our seats T_T..Got it??we sat at the wrong site..Nagoya fan supposed to sit at the opposite side!haha..We sat very close to Kawasaki cheer group (separated only by 2 seat rows T_T). So, If ever any rusuhan happened, we will be the first few person involved T_T haha..
The losing team..Kawasaki..thanking the supporter. Since we sat near to their supporter..hence the quite clear picture of them=p

Result: Nagoya won two-nil =) Nasib baik menang..kalau tak..sia2 je dtg!

Oh, after that night...I started to like football..oh, and only the live one ^_^
Puan Wani

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