Friday, January 20, 2012

Paris in short notice!

From Hiroshima to Toyohashi.
From Toyohashi to Osaka.
From Osaka to Kyoto.
From Kyoto to Nagoya.
From Nagoya to Toyohashi.
And...from Toyohashi to...PARIS!

Me, myself also never had thought about the possibility I will end up there when I left for my new year's break -__-"
I mentioned before that for new year's leave, I was thinking of having the whole of two week resting at home. Spend quality time, doing spontaneous things with him in the whole duration.
But spontaneous for him tickets 4 days before departure and book hotel while queuing for boarding -__-"

I returned to Toyohashi with a few shirts and heattech. Not to mention la undies kan. Kasut, tudung...all not sufficient for long vacation T___T during winter!
Worst, I didn't carry my passport with me!

He did many things to get the passport arrives before departure date.
He succeeded dengan kaedah menyusahkan ramai jugak la orang -__-"
Thanks again to Mr Kong Weng Sheng :D He was the one who actually made everything possible :')
Yours truly at the Eiffel Tower. One of my lifetime wish granted :') Alhamdulillah..

Will slowly sharing with you my experience for my visit later. Mana tahu kot-kot my dear reader would want to visit this place juga soon:)
My reference pun friend's blog juga. I hope I won't miss the details. Coz trust me, the smallest details could actually saves a lot of your time and money ;)

Just..stay tuned ^_^

p/s:Because of the endless travel, comes my blog hiatus. Gomennasai -__-"

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