Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I should be letting the title be that. Short.

Ok, yesterday I leave you at our farewell party. I should have put more photos kan?showing our now-kemas-house after left unattended for months:/
The next morning a day after the party at our house, we bertolak ke Osaka. I always love road trip in Japan. Nothing I have to be worried about. I mean, particularly toilet la..hehe
Also, RnR area around this country pula awesome to the fullest la. The wife pantangla nampak RnR yang happening sikit..silela stop :D

Ok, the flight was scheduled at 5pm kot kalau tak silap. SO, we have to be there the latest by 3pm. We bertolak from Toyohashi at 7am. After all fetching penumpang session, stop for brunch and all, we arrived in Doutonbori, Osaka at 11am (not Kansai..yet).

Us in Doutonbori, Osaka. This was my first time in Osaka. Nothing really differ in my eyes looking around. I was told that the bridge nearby was once famous. No doubt, this place was packed with people!!Pack yang tersangat pack! 

Then I saw a HUGE 2 H&M buildings. Tanpa melihat kekiri dan kekanan, yours truly melawan arus dan menjadikan pekataan H&M yang berwarna merah itu sebagai penanda arah >,< And hubby lost his the counter (bukan tercicir atau kene pickpocket)

Finally, sending away Yan. Kansai airport awesome!ada surau :D 
We spent a few hours in Kansai. Hubby was meeting with his long lost friends who came to send Yan too.
Then the night came, everybody has to go.
Hubby decided to go back to Doutonbori again, in the quest of looking for black iphone4s -__-" (tak abis2...tetibe je). But his instinct was right. He got the hold of it finally in Osaka!
Then what else..we found ourselves in the middle of Osaka..homeless -__-"
After discussing (I was of course insisting to go home..tak carry apa-apa kot :/) we decided to call up his cousin. The first year student in Osaka daigaku. A boy. How was I supposed to stay at an all boys' house O.o
Guess what, our cousin found us a whole house to stay by ourselves!Great!so great!who would have thought of that possibility!hehe..Alhamdulillah..
The owner of the house was called Dan. He got this cute nice apartment by himself but rarely home. He usually lepak at our cousin's house tu la. That's how we got the whole house for ourselves!yey!Bonus point, he just moved in. His furniture are all brand new from Ikea. bahahaha..and he provided us with scented candle?O.O
Us, the next morning, in front of our cousin's. Dan's house was nearby ^_^

'Stranded' in Osaka is not the end of my supposedly-relaxing holiday.
We stopped by another city on the way home.
Tell you more about it in the next entry.

Have a nice day everyone!^_^


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