Monday, January 30, 2012

London sightseeing: Episode 1

This is how I have my break. Updating blog. It's like talking to friends over tea time. You guys are my friend too anyway:)
Well, we are still in London right? 
I called our London trip as 'his trip'. Despite of being the one who strongly opposed the idea of short trip to London, hubby was the one who benefited the most from this trip. 
London was supposed to be about me because I was the one who came out with the idea T___T 
*Kidding..I was happy he had his time after hard work working in Japan:)*
We spent only 1 day out of 5, for sightseeing in London. Enough to finish all those popular landmarks.

One thing if you are in London, you are discouraged to start your journey before 930am because unlimited day pass could only be purchased after that time. 

Honestly, I didn't know where to start. So, I just let instinct led the way and it has brought us to first; the Buckingham Palace.

From Paddington Station to Victoria station.

As you walked out of the station, breath-taking view awaits you:) So, I'll just walking along this pathway following other people's footsteps whom, we presumed sharing the same destination.

This is it. The Buckingham Palace. I remember that day was a bit cloudy. So, I've to wait for my tag along photographer (beliau juga memegang jawatan sebagai sponsorer and my husband:p) for him to finish taking I assumed, 100 photos:D Too many things to catch >,< 
Honestly, I didn't know what to see. Everything was so out of reach >,< Tapi puas la dapat berada at the front of this famous palace kan?( ye..Istana negara pun tak pernah nak pergi ambil gambar T__T). 
Finished with the palace, we saw many people leaving by this sidewalk. Oh...look! It's The Memorial walk for the Diana.

Not far from the Buckingham Palace, we like the others, were fascinated by a very beautiful, green park, namely St. James Park. We didn't think much and decided to walk through the park sharing pathways with pigeons and other colorful birds (which I don't know their names). Smell of very tempting waffle had however lengthen our visit to the park besides scenery of beyond the word 'beautiful' could explain, that we couldn't just let it passed by *grin*.

I was raised with 'kartun orang putih'. In my memory I have bambi, the chipmunks, princesses. Here I saw the chipmunks' home just like the cartoons!!It surprised me that they are apparently very friendly to people. They make eye contacts, like talking to us! Adorable!
One of the scene I love from St. James Park.
As we reach at the other end of the park, we were greeted by many other stunning landmarks..

Tapi yang famous, one of it was..the Big Ben.

The Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. 

As you passed the Big Ben, the Eye of London will instantly caught your eyes next!
 When you see this, just go at that direction. There are more awaits you at the other side of the river where the Eye of London is located.

Passing Eye of London, we were stuck there. The cheap book sales:D I got my Jamie Oliver's from here :D

This is Tate Modern. One of the main attractions of you google. You will see many more attractions as you walk along the river. I can't compile everything here. I think Londoners have made everything very easy for us:) Without you noticed, you have passed most of their main attractions.

In the quest for Tower Bridge, we found ourselves stuck in a market called Borough market. It wasn't at all in our plan to visit one of the largest food market in London. It was indeed huge and...full of food!!Yang penting murah >,< We tried their brownie and pastries :P Bread lambak-lambak je T___T Baklava pun lambak...T_T

Tower Bridge, London.
To finally arrived here, requires you to walk a bit. But worth it. There was nothing along the way that was less valued by us. Everything was new and fascinating to us. Alhamdulillah..

What can I say..tower bridge memang breath taking. We enjoyed spending our evening walking around here ^_^  oh, also, on top of the bridge. We can't afford to waste even an inch ;P hehe..

We ended our second day of sightseeing (sigh..yep..our landmarks' sightseeing only began on the 3rd day) crossing the Tower Bridge to the nearest train station, Tower Hill station. Even on the way to the station, there so many fascinating view to catch. Nothing bored hubby and me. So, we went back to the hotel to pray and to celebrate the 11th year of our 'special friendship' :)

See you in the next episode ^_^

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