Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arc de Triomphe

Our next stop after a half day visit to Eiffel tower was; the Arc of de Triomphe.
Emm...I think by direct translation means; Arc yang melambangkan triumph?:P

I  bet most of you have seen this big arch thingy anywhere before.
Check out my version pula ok?:D
From the Eiffel (Bir Hakiem) to Arc de Triomphe (Charles de Gaulle Etoile). Dekat kan??So, bolehla habiskan sehari:)

As the escalator approaching the higher ground, my eyes were feast by this sight. Its just that, by the eye everything looks so majestic! Tapi ni actually a monument. Macam tugu negara kot :D

Adoiyai sapela arkiteknya yang buat tugu peringatan cantik-cantik gini T____T ceiling pun ukir cantik-cantik T__T

Names of the defeated armies engraved.
This arc was built to remember those who were defeated during wars. 

I don't know..haha

One of the many 'senonoh' picture of us to be shared:) More pictures in fb :)
This place tak ada romantic value for honeymooners pun.
Tapi is a must place to savor your eyes during the visit. Second most beautiful landmarks in Paris for yours truly:)
Actually, you can climb up the arc and see Paris from the top of the arc. But we passed. We just dislike the idea. Its not like you can see a thing :P

Arc de Triomphe is located very near to those of high branded head quarters. Maybe, after you finished capturing every single details of the arc, you can walk around and visit all those stores.
Before that, stop by macaroons shop to relieve your almost cramp foot :P

We didn't do as proposed sebab nak cari masjid untuk solat. Hampir masuk maghrib when we finished with this arc.

I'll tell you about the masjid we visited in the next entry.

Jya matta!

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