Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dec 24 remembered

I could not sleep that night! Too nervous!The same feeling waiting for him to come back finally after months of separation when we weren't married. So, dah kahwin, lagila nervous..tak keruan. So, I was basically tidur-tidur ayam:D
That night I did packing for 2 weeks away. I packed very light as I planned to just stay at home, resting with you-know-who. Memang sikit sangat I pack. Tudung pun 2 helai je.yang basic color je. seluar pun 1.hehe..
Plus, my previous weeks was so hectic!Tiap-tiap hari rasa nak pengsan tapi kene gagahkan jua..My motivation was..the coming two weeks I gotta spend with the love of my life:)
I planned (the truth was forced:|) to board the earliest shinkansen to Toyohashi, where my other home is located. That morning I 'woke up' at 530am (earliest train was at 6am) only to find out many tweets came from friends congratulating me on my winning for ThePoplook contest (read here) I joined a few days back before that:)
I felt numb though..coz my mind was all around this one man. How can?:\
Well, I was still late for the first train (shinkansen station is 2 minutes walk from my apartment je pun -__-"). In fact, I was 1 hour late:P
I reached Toyohashi eki smoothly and met him there:) Lega sangat to see him all okay. Sihat semua:) Risau kan if your husband away from you for too long?

So, I supposed to get new year's break for 2 weeks. The first week went unlike what I had in mind; rest!
Our friend, a good friend I have to say was going to leave Japan for good. She has been a good friend to my husband and years after that, to me, was nobody but a kind and helpful person. I don't think people would have anything against her. So, our first week was filled with nothing but invitations to her farewell parties (soubetsukai)!!Not to forget...me membersihkan 'dilapidated' house. Seram!!
Oh, about soubetsukai Yan (the name of our friend). We also organized one for her. I cooked her favourite nasi lemak and hubby's favourite cheese cake. It was difficult to work in a freezing kitchen and dapur yangs erba kekurangan...huhu..but after all, I made it ^_^

Chocolate cheese cake, cekodok and bubur pulut hitam (sume favourite beliau la ni...aiseh..mcm nk celebrate beliau je -__-")

Sambal nasi lemak and ayam goreng

Bahan-bahan lain signature nasi lemak ^_^

Tetamu ^_^

If I have to write about her, I would need the whole book just to tell about how she is very helpful to us.
So, hubby decided to drive her to Kansai airport in Osaka. Lagipun, I have never been to Osaka. I was in full support of this plan. ehe..
So, we drove there. Four of us:)

I'll write more about Osaka in the next entry. That was one, I would say an inaugural road trip indeed!


  1. kak wani..yan balik,kak uya datang..boleh ganti tu..2-2 pun baek ^.^

  2. hehe..ye betul.tp kali ni dah xde orang nk amek kt eki lagi T_________T



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