Friday, December 23, 2011

Food for thoughts ^_^

Ehe..harini cuti umum..weird this time everybody wants to get away desperately except me who desperately needed today to accomplish at least small part of my work *pathetic*. So, I beg them to not lock the doors >,<
Browsing through my phone album..banyak juga gambar makanan.
Tapi yang banyaknya, makanan yang orang bagi..hmm..maybe the time I took the pictures, I was thinking to keep the memory of it. And surprise2..if it wasn't of these pictures, I may have already forgotten about their thoughts to me..given in the form of food. ehehe..

Let's browse together with me shall we?

Vietnamese Chicken curry.

My friend Tung (is a Vietnamese) has longed wanting to cook something for me. But of course I said he can't because you know..religion restrictions that he may not got to understand. Then he told me to teach him what he gotta do, and he did with chicken from my refrigerator (Lol XD). That night I declared..vietnamese curry is now the top of the list for curry's family. sedap la..the taste was very light and they used lots of veges in it. Tell ya..Vietnamese are huge vege eaters!

Nasi Beriani and Ayam masak merah.
Yours truly memang lame dah membebel-bebel nak makan nasi beriani and ayam masak merah to this one girl named Intan. Beliau ni memang orang, memang vass sangat nasi beriani beliau >,< I like it very much because the spices' taste weren't so strong which I usually experienced in Indian/Nepal/Pakistan restaurant around this continent. I don't fancy them much! So, Miss Intan is now my official nasi beriani provider :P

On my table a day after my wisdom tooth extraction which was not at all painful :P 

Kuuri rice (Nasi buah berangan-if I'm not mistaken la..coz I always had problems getting them -_-")

This one comel sgt!!I was at first refused to open the nicely wrapped lunchbox (although..all of them here wrap their lunchbox with this kain). Yours truly pun bercita-cita nak bungkus macam ni la..but thinking of how watery our food are..hmm..but it's nice to get this for souvenir also :D
And this is the beginning of me getting addicted to their various type of rice. Serious. Before this I am not a rice person. It took me a year to finish my 10kg rice:/ Japanese pun macam Malay jugak..tak dapat nasi tak kenyang kot :P

Vietnamese rice roll.

The story begins like this. One day we had dinner invitation to one of our Japanese friend's home. Dr. Tung (a Vietnamese) brought this rice roll onto the table. He of course has thought about me and used materials that I could eat (how thoughtful :')). This rice roll consisted of huge amount of veges and on that day he put inside octopus and big prawn. Can you imagine? Then the whole thing was assembled together in a rice roll. They are dipped into thai-style chili sauce. Imagine? Sedapp!!!I love the element of crunchiness of the veges put in it and the freshness you can feel chewing it. Then I keep saying 'I love it'!
Not 10 minutes after I reached home, he sent me the whole plate of the rice roll:|


I think you can easily guessed this food and its origin:P
First time I ate bakso was last year. Has been hearing the word bakso for whole of my life but never really wanna try it. Last year when Indonesian students here was opening a stall, I bought bakso for the first time.
Oh, bakso simply means meatballs! While Malaysian likes to eat meatballs at Ikea with that beef gravy *telan air liur*, they eat it in soup.
And later I got closer with Ulfah (an Indonesian) and I kind of poisoned her mind to cook bakso for me :P Lol XD. The picture was her version of bakso during her house-warming (by force:P).

Indonesian cuisine.

Tempeh yang digoreng bersalut tepung and lots more that I forgot the name -__-" Indonesian food memang banyak bergoreng seperti di atas ini.
Befriend with Indonesians, I had now experienced eating many style of tempeh. hehe..

Japanese style breakfast (fresh tofu could not be fit in the screen:/)

Fuh..finally, this is the real Japanese style breakfast. Memangla sikit-sikit portion nya..tapi kalau dh banyak jenis..jenuh wa nk abeskan..and guess what..I didn't finish them up :/ *which is so unacceptable in their culture*

Oh, anyways, ada banyak lagi gambar makanan kenangan in my phone. This will be the 1st episode of everything ^_^

Happy holiday to all ^_^
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