Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Voucher worth RM300??
Emm..shall I? But this task is too difficult:/ I have to write about my personal favorite from the current trending ThePoplook. to decide when I love all >,<
*Hey not trying to kiss your ass here..I'm just telling the truth :D*

Let me start with the story of me and maxi.
I have been a 'skirt person' from my ancient years..hehe..sebelum berhijrah pun I memang skirt person. I just hate wearing pants especially jeans. But no doubt jeans would solve any problems of matching tops:D
I had slowly filling my closet with long skirts and maxi a few years ago.

Back when I was in Malaysia, I had a hard time finding maxi which fits nicely on my petite body. Despite of that, those pieces which were still irresistible to me, I then used my own hands altering them. hehe..
Then I moved to Japan..all troubles of finding great maxis solved:D (well, however adding trouble to my husband's pocket :P) ..
Then a year after I left Malaysia, maxi has suddenly became more popular >,< and so did ThePoplook >,<

I was at first skeptical towards their collection despite of stunningly beautiful and stylish they are.
Do you know the situation when you see a dress and you could just see yourself  clearly in the dress and rockin' it? I did..just look at this picture :D
This is the dress that stole my heart and decided to give it a try:) This is Chiffon Maxi Dress
*Oh, this was a candid. But I thought I  was looking good although it was already 10p.m :P* 

Me in Chiffon Maxi Dress in maroon :) *Ha, ni pose punya..bahahaha XD.
Ordered from Japan and parcel reached me in 4 days. How efficient they were >,< Keep up ThePoplook!*Best nya Malaysian residence postage fee waive T____T*

First time I came across this dress, my heart was beating fast..haha..and I quickly click on it and wished it came in my size did!!!yatta!!!and the rest was history.
Yours truly has been looking forward to have this exact same dress in here. But too expensive that I go back and rethink. Then ThePoplook offered me with far more reasonable price. In fact I think they sell it cheap;)
So, I purchased a number of dresses together with this red maxi. I love all. The only problem was..I wish I had bought along all the colors available. I swear!they fit into my body so well >,< Thank you ThePoplook for your great invention :D

Me in Polka chiffon maxi dress-light pink.
Similar design with maxi chiffon dress elaborated above. Told ya..because I love the design :D 

I truly think many of their design is an invention. They are made to fit any kind of body shape and frame. For instance the above chiffon maxi. The top part of it is a bit slouchy giving you the space for 'enlargement':P So, no doubt this is the dress you can carry at any sizes you will/have/could become/became *God willing*:P
As for me, this is a dress fits best to hide my bust :P Also, the best for me to wear if I have to travel whole day and have to perform prayer outside (In here, when I said outside it surely means any space available although it is a road full with passers by). Besides, this maxi's length is adjustable *yeah..I am still hoping to gain probably 1 or 2 inches*>,<

So, the maxis are indeed muslimah friendly. I'm sure lots woman like me had difficulties in presenting ourselves as muslimah but at the same time remain stylish. I don't know you girls, but part of my self confidence came from my physical presentation. With the existence of ThePoplook, I could reach up to it with a single click and..everyday visit :P

Ophelia maxi dress-Fuschia.
 Kalau dah nama nya fan of ThePoplook, this one signature of them , a must have:D

Just last week I purchased another dress from them;

Empire Maxi Dress-Yellow
I was at first promised myself just to browse..but this same dress in blush screamed my name so loud which resulted with me 'meroyan' in twitter begging my friends to buy this one for me. (due to some circumstances that I could not buy that myself at that moment..fuh..nasib baik cepat bertindak..if not, OOS!>,<)
I love this empire cut maxi first because, yes, I could see myself rockin' it:P. Apart from that, I love the combination of its top and bottom, whereby the top is very simple, just a singlet which I can then wear the maxi with cardigans/blazer (according to the event) later. So, this dress could be transformed to casual or formal ;) As for the bottom; oh I love the chiffon pleated skirt! should I elaborate more on it? They are brilliant!

To ThePoplook, thank you for providing us with great choices ^_^ (and making my life 'tak keruan' thinking of your collection and waiting for Monday to come every week T______T)


  1. wow 4 days je ke shipping to here! tahun ni tak penah lagi beli at thepoplook. bought last year when i was in malaysia.nanti nak summer boleh browse!

  2. dorg ada size besar n pjg mcm saya x bahahaha

  3. hey, i pun ada both dress yang kat atas sekali tu...seriously love it...
    take a look...

  4. Syai iyes..i pon ingat plg cpt seminggu.superb huh!

    Yoo arigatou ;)

    Atiq Saiz wa yg susah nk cr >,<

    Reen ehe..time kaceh..

    Nadia Seen..cantiknya;) taste kita sama?

  5. cantik lah cardigan awak :)

  6. kalaulah i boleh pakai dress.
    hmm, susahlah pakai dress sejak ade baby.
    nak direct feed takkan nak selak oi dr bawah? HAHA.
    if only i can get one yg ade zip kat side boleh lah! huhu.

  7. congrats.. you win this contest.. :)



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