Thursday, December 15, 2011

I believe

Get yourself married even if you are seeking knowledge. Marriage is not an obstacle
-Ibn 'Uthaymeen.

I believe I am not alone doing this LDM due to study. 
I have ambition. Yes, I do. Will marriage changes the road I built? Apparently yes.
When the wedding is on, everybody around me gave me a certain it my own family, in laws, especially the guy I am married to. They are all together planting the theory that I would, no matter what, further my study in Japan.
Study in JAPAN?Never in my life I dream of that. Learning 3rd language? Learning our own dialect takes me forever to catch (and keep forgetting:|). Furthermore...oh, malas :/ I am so that typical Melayu pemalas (I admit T___T).

A few months before my nuptial, I swear I experience a lot of unexplained situations/incidents.
One of it..enough to makes me jump out of the bed for subuh prayer every morning since the day I had it. Allah has its way in showing us His existence.

The road for me to get where I am now is indeed absurd too. I don't think people will believe me if I tell the story. Trust me 1 twitter space is enough to tell you the whole story. But I choose to keep it till here:D hehe..I believe, it was all because of doa from people around me. I never asked. But Allah gave me this. And deep down, husband and myself very much sure, I am at the right place to be, the right person to be around.

When people say, marriage brings a lot of 'rezeki'..that I believe:)



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