Saturday, December 17, 2011

Aki..jumpa lagi ^_^

Autumn (aki) telahpun melabuhkan tirainya..
There's no memories of me and the breath taking view of momiji (red maples) this year. I purposely refused to go on the trip this year as it will only putting the salt on my already severe wound >,<

Among the four season, I view aki as the season for love?haha..(hopeless romantic:P) 
Of course..look at the red color..that's the color of heart (fine..scientifically, there's the color of all organs >,< phone case:|), and the momiji's shape kan seakan2 heart shape >,< (No??o_O)
Tapi aki memang romantic >,< 

*ok,tanak tegakkan benang yang basah lagi.

Us, in Korankei, Toyota.
Have you seen the photo?
I rest my case:D

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