Friday, December 16, 2011


It's my brainstorming time. Frankly speaking, bathtub is the best place for me to get ideas especially in problem solving! I don't know why..I think my brain got stimulated with the sound of water running?o_O

I am in my office now. Hence, I ended up blogging instead of biting my pen, brainstorming:P

Anyways, this post is important! to remind me of the arrival of my long awaited niece, ms Qalisha Nuwairaa ^_^

Look at her..big eyes, rambut mcm lalang...wahaha..She is adorable ^_^ 

Do you know that her mother is such a troublesome? >,<
Her blood is O-ve pastu tumpah darah:/ Kalau darah tu banyak stok xpe >.< (bahaha...kutuk kakak senirik:P)
Alhamdulillah..semuanya selamat.

Oh, anyways, Ms Qalish (I decided to call her that despite it sounded like a boy's name. For me, Qalish is a boy's name sounded like a girl's. Paham?Lol XD)  was born on the 8th of December, 8.45pm (Thursday). Berikut adalah conversation between me and Qalish's mother:

Me: Bengs!!!(I call both my sisters that..haha) sakit tak >,<
Qalish's mom: Sakit la..serik..(suara mcm br lepas jadi komander kawat)
Me: Caner ko bajet beranak malam jumaat nih. Do you know people tried so hard to labor malam jumaat?
Qalish's mom: ha?yeke?Alhamdulillah..
Me: Berat berapa?
Qalish's mom: 2.7kg. Tapi x larat nk push..last2 tu jerit2 suruh doktor belah je perut..
Me: Lol XD

But my sister did it. Normal labor despite of screaming to have somebody belah je perut beliau. hahaha..
She always have the physical strength if compared to me. I never can lift beras 10kg more than 2 steps. But she could carry it till the kitchen:/ Even she cannot pushes a 2.7kg baby out of her. She said till she used her last drop of energy, the baby came out. Scary *_*

I wish I will be blessed with miraculous strength when the time comes for me. InshaAllah..

I can't wait to hold baby Qalish >,< Now..I have to create a nice story to convince 'my baby' :D

Congrats kakak!!for the arrival of Qalish..

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