Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum and..konnichiwa..'s been a long time since my last update.
The last entry pun about pieces of my wardrobe's advertisement:P

Me?I am good. What else keep me away from writing for you; work. Loads of it. I have to say I like it to be busy at this moment. It's a way to cheat this lonely heart you know:D But, how long can I take this >,<

Despite of the busyness, I still very active in sharing thought about my life, other people's (:P) also, some unrelated stuff. Blogging needs me to sit, and write in a flow. While twitter as you know..we just need to..tweet!tweet it away and our thought are expressed. That's where most of my thoughts have been channeled too at the time of no way I'm going to sit and compose a long entry.

A lot happened during my hiatus. This blog is not alone. My fb is also on hiatus too:P I'm thinking to delete it anyways, but cannot delete kan??Just inactive jela..or, let it be.
Well, when I was in fb pun, I just interested to check on people's status je. Apparently, twitter do most of it.

So people, I am still here in this net-world. Just stuck in different channel. Find me there as @roslizawani.

Good news!My mood to write has slowly coming back. Watch out ya!

Sending love to everybody today..wishing you a great day ahead ^_^
Jya matta next entry  (see you in the next entry; direct translation..bahhaa)


  1. hahaha XD twitter is micro blogging. but i still need my twitter character limit annoys me. hahaha XD

  2. since u gotta to know the auto spelling in my fon?:|



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