Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hipotel Paris Voltaire, in Voltaire

Next was the accommodation. 
We really can't decide. Looking for cheap hotel in Paris is no easy job:/ 
With our budget, its hard to get a decent hotel.
We asked many people of their opinion and helps.
Most of them provided us with websites where we can search cheap hotels around Paris.
When I said cheap and decent, you can't expect nice location to be included in the package.
Aiming for a three star, some were cheap and dodgy; that you can find in the middle of the city. 
Those which was cheap and less dodgy and clean and comfortable..was apparently slightly outside of the main circle.
Image source: Hotel Formule 1
I love this map coz it shows the location of all the main attractions in Paris. We were aiming an accommodation which is located in no.1,7, or 6. Check our the map. 

If you plan your trip earlier, you may get cheaper deal for the hotel. This is general right? 
If you are lucky enough, you may get hotel overlooking the Eiffel :')

We then decided to get those of second choices despite of location, at least for the first two nights.

After checking out many many websites linked by family and friends, we found our hotel from here, linked by my dear SIL. Thanks Kak Long :')

We chose a three star hotel, located in Voltaire; Hipotel Paris Voltaire

Based on my experience hunting for hotel in Paris and London, definition of 3 stars for them were different. Seriously. Get back to that later.
It's very difficult to find a comfortable (most tourist may not be thinking much about comfortableness as long as they have place to sleep. But I do:/ unfortunately:/). When you are looking for hotels in a last minute, you are mostly dependent on the testimonials of those ex-customers. Many of three stars with good location were given really bad reviews. 
We chose Hipotel Voltaire because of this and of course the metro station:) This hotel fulfilled our 2 main requirements.
Our room. Very spacious. Bed cover tu memang tak lawa corak dia..tapi bed oke je. Ada closet, 2 big mirrors, 1 table, 1 LCD TV, and the most important, cozy temperature.

I was so nervous to check out on the toilet. Many reviews of three stars hotel were mainly about their creepy, dirty toilets they had to endure :/ But not in Voltaire:') We have a cute shower space, a sink , towels are provided (then we dumped our towel to save space:D).
Another thing you have to take note is, not what you read is what you get. Many cheap hotels did that whereby when they said shower provided, means only shower and not toilet. Some cases the other way around. That's why I was so worried about it at the first place.

Clean toilet :')

In front of our hotel. The rain has just stopped when we arrived.

We were starving that we could eat a cow. Hence the beef kebab:D Lama tak makan daging >,<

In Voltaire, where our favourite patisserie was located :') Our first breakfast in Paris :')

Can you see our hotel sign? berapa langkah je dari Metro station. Awesome location!!! When we arrived at the metro keluarkan ipad bagai nak tgk map..sekali keluar station, hah depan mata :')

At the metro station. Common scene. A little dodgy:/
Good location, good price, good room, free wifi and cheap! Hipotel Voltaire is definitely to be included into your list.

We only stayed here for 2 nights. Then we off to hubby's favourite place, London:)

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