Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sejarah dirisik and chicken pox

Semua orang mesti akan mendapat chicken pox once in a lifetime. In more rare cases, some may get it more than once. What I have learnt (by hard) it's better to get this as early as possible or it might get worse *_*

For example: when you get it at the age of 25 (whereby your repair system has gotten slower) and you are almost to get married!*_* Guess who I am talking about T_T

But it's funny when I recall it.

We planned to go to kursus kahwin and stick to the motto "that doesn't mean we are getting married soon". It's just you know..some procedure everybody has to do despite of whether you are getting married soon or not. It's just a matter of..do it when you have free time=p Especially for somebody who lives at the overseas like my 'ex-bf'.hehe

Planned the kursus 2 weeks before he landed.
Caught chicken pox from my nieces and nephew 1 week before he landed.
Was told about family meet up also a week before he landed.

Family meet up???0_O

He told me his parents would like to meet up with my family.
And my face T_T I got many2 poxes on the face >.< and the 'ibu pox' in the middle of my dahi >.<
But then what can I do..The disease was out of control. I couldn't bath. Let alone doing my face routine T_T ok, don't ask me more about black and white heads >.< Later, I transmitted the disease to my sister. He went to a private clinic, got a jab and fit as a fiddle with very-little-short-stay poxes >.< arghhh!!!why do I listened to my mother..and everyone else who's not a doctor!!>.<

Ok now imagine how I looked like..
1. Oily faces with lots of dead cells
2. Only wear baju longgar yang buruk..
3. Trust me you don't wanna know about my scalp condition >.<
4. oh, I got a lot of pink dots (calamine lotion) on my face. And all bekerak2 T_T

That's how I looked like when I received my merisik ring.
I thought it was just an ice-breaking. Apparently, he got a ring for me. How can this be fair right??he never asked *_*
Tapi..yelah..I forgot about the thing that he never asked when I saw the ring=p ahahha...forget about my maid-has-a-better-look look on the day..I embraced the way I look and went out meet the guests..haha..They must be really berat hati looking at the girl their son wanna get married on that day=p haha..

Until now, I still think I am not yet a good daughter and...daughter in law. I'm learning..everyday now=)
Puan Wani


  1. hehehe. aku ingat lg fes tym ko cite risik2 ni. pecah perut aku gelak imagine ko xmandi n muke capuk2 kne ciken pox. XD but i think something's missing here la....ur picture. hahaha XD

  2. uhuuuu....how can.the only memory I have when i dtg dipinang :/ cannot even bancuh air or ape2..takut betabur kerak2 tu dlm air kang :/



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