Friday, June 3, 2011

10 months

On the day marking our 10 months monthlyversary *janganla muntah...hoho..biasalah baru kahwin memangla setiap bulan pon disambut..haha..* my husband wished me;
"Happy 9th monthlyversary!!!!"

I replied with a facepalm emoticon..basically like this--> =| and my face also like this -->=|

But at least he sensed the "specialness" of that day isn't it??hehe..

Good start good start's almost a year..But I still introduced myself as a 'newlywed-long-distance married woman'. Because I feel just like that..newly wed!^_^

June..I remember doing no progressing wedding prep in the year 2010=p
Puan Wani

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