Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warisan Kuala Pilah,

I am one useless lady when it comes to kitchen chores.
But, now not least in my own kitchen. And at least I got my husband to gain 10kg 1 week after we moved in together...ehe=p

However, no one knows...the fact that I don't know how to cook daging!>.<
Long time I fed myself and husband anything but red meat. ehehe..
Then when I went back to Malaysia..the first thing I wanna do red meat..a lot..and a lot (dengan perasaan tak sedar diri yang diri ini ade low blood pressure).
So, I assumed I'll eat various dishes of red meat cooked by my favorite cook in the world, Emak and Kakak. But..turned out..Emak suggested a better (for her) place to fulfill her not-pregnant-crave-for-red-meat daughter.

My mom has Negeri 9 blood. My kampung (where my granny still lives) located very near to the Seri Menanti Palace. If you knows Kuala Pilah well, you must have passed this one huge 'pintu gerbang' before you reach pekan Kuala Pilah. My kampung is located inside there=)

Opposite the pintu where you can find the most authentic restaurant of Negeri9 food=)

The restaurant is called "Restoran Warisan".

Our hungry face. Yeah..we came straight from KL to here just for a luncheon=) It's ok..we are used to this absurd idea sister=| (we had once went to Terengganu just for sata Kelisa=|). This restaurant serves real N9's cuisine. Podeh!!!But I don't get it..why the waiters all Kelantanese..We had a hard time catching up their accent >.< except Emak yang bersekolah di Kelantan once upon a time=|

The story hasn't ended there..I still didn't get my daging!!We arrived at 1.30 and all the popular dishes finished >,>..So, guys..better go earlier..

My mom kesian..then she singgah to buy this..

Daging salai..
Kuala Pilah and places nearby also famous for daging salai. And Emak's cook daging salai with belimbing and mangga is...legen..(wait for it..)dary=p haha...
Because we wanted to buy a lot..the hawker has to salai some more. So, we have to wait. (and abang [my brother..I called him abang, so, I don't think I can call my husband that already] decided to buy from there cz..the makcik sexy T_T).
While waiting..the makcik asked us to entertain ourselves around her house!
So, we go see a real kampung environment..
We weren't just went 'around'..Baby insisted to go see baby webbit!inside her house!
Baby with baby webbit! (kesian gila rabbit tu kene seksa dengan budak2 T_T..budak2 yang tinggal di kampung sgt berani mengendalikan binatang ape sahaja..)
Baby yang jalan terjingkit2 sebab tak biasa dengan keadaan rumah kampung and my sister as the criminal mind..

End of story..I still didn't get my gulai daging salai sebab later I fell sick and no selera to eat the whole trip back to Malaysia T_T

I posted this got it right!I missed the whole Rosli's clan T_T
Puan Wani


  1. I've been to restoran warisan. Food, not bad. But i've eaten something waaaaaaaay delicious. Dila's granny cooking. Landak masak lomak cili api. Superb! Nothing compare to this restoran. And ofkos she is a 'kuala pilah' local people. Oh i miss her ( cooking) :)



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