Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gift packs Idea.More.

This blog has used to be a wedding blog (which I found is the least useful wedding blog ever?>.<).
Well, one of the thing I had and still passionate about is the doorgift packs:) 
Ok, cut the talk, let's go straight to the random ideas caught by me recently:)

I've been writing about hyakuen (100 en) shop in Japan since forever. I think they really awesome in producing creative giftpacks!>.< However, I took those which I think can be produced using raw materials easily found anywhere, thus lowering the total cost (yela kan..kita kan nak guna dalam kuantiti yang banyak:))

One pack consists of 3. If convert, this pack costs us about rm3.7  (but if using Japan en, of course terlalu murah).
So, what say you if we produce them ourselves. It's very simple yet practical and cute. You can paste or hang your Tq tag there. The gold ribbon really help giving the rich look. I never seen this style from the B2b blog before (or I just missed it:p yela..blogwlaking pun jarang T_T)
What you need: Brown paper bag (very cheap and can easily be found in bundle amount), gold rope (any kedai riben available), and self-designed tq-tag! 

I love the cuteness of these packs. Ok, I am I always have a thing with satin ribbon:p Tapi kalau nak belikan dah mahal..this is so much easier and looks about the same with my own reception doorgift packs (unfortunately my OP missed it :/)

Here's the close up. What you need just self folded paper bag (which I stil owe you guys the step by step post T_T) and..satin ribbon or whatever ribbon of your likings :D.

 Happy DIY brides!:D
Puan Wani


  1. kat sini pun ada jual lebey kurang camtu. kat kedai Daiso Japan. ai pegi yang kat IOI Mall tu... suka tgk brg2 dari japan nie :)

  2. Daiso tu kedai 100en la.Tp kt sini ada byk lg brand.kire kedai 100en ni mcm 7e:)



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