Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yukata= Summer kimono. But for some expensive yukata..I found them still..thick=p

Maybe this is the simplest one among many types of kimono. I have a colleague who learnt kimono arts when she's younger (and she's still young *_*). So, I from there you can tell that education in here is not just about books. Ok, we discuss more on that in the next post=p

The previous post I've put picture of myself on my one and only and newly bought (ehehe) piece of yukata. Of course I chose the cheapest one=p Let's see how usually yukata are sold..

They were packed nicely in a high quality plastic carrier. The one I bought came with thukuri obi, the bodice and geta. Some I checked include the rope (which we need to assemble everything) and some other accessories ( out of my afford-ability T_T). But, nvm, less is more:p (kate2 org x mampu dlm kes ini ye..hehe)

Lucky jugak on that day coz the set came beautifully..matches each other very well..and the color and corak gets along with my skin and personality. I think I can carry the look, so I purchased ^_^ (fine..I used my allowance card T_T *in case my local friends read this and I am busted lying*)

When I bought this..I had no idea how to assemble this thing. When the day is approaching, my friend (which is an AJK IT dlm persatuan M'sia-Hiroshima) find us a video to assist us on the matter..
And I managed to get into yukata in 15 minutes (with few mistakes and refused to bukak balik like the others did, hence the 2 hours late T_T)

For those who wanna try wearing yukata by your own, I assure you, this video might come in handy ^_^

Oh, there's so much more about yukata has to be told. For now, just remember this three basic parts=)

We'll discuss soon about this unique traditional outfit later=)
I am so happy to be able to experience myself wearing something different. Well..we are lucky too as japanese traditional outfit for gals all menutup aurah. Not much we have to do to enjoy them=)

see you in the next post=)


  1. kak wani..lama xbaca blg year killing me walaupun br msk minggu ke2..T_T..huwaaaa everythng nk kena buat with final year project..lama xbaca blog akak..btw,lg 2hr my bday,,hadiah jgn lupa..:-P

  2. hehe...meh amek kt umah meh=p yukata satu=p tp kene amek senirik la..hoho

  3. u hv d eyes la wani. even murah pun still look comel je dgn kamu. hikhik

  4. no la dear.most of the time, cheap stuff do giv u cheap looks *_* however, not all people can carry expensive look also kan??the most important is how we carry the look=)

  5. the AJK IT. and what is that allowance card? ahaksss... hahaha



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