Saturday, June 11, 2011

I see the light

What's your bedtime story when you was a child??
I have 4 thick books by my bed. All based on Disney characters. They are princesses, Donalds, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Bambi, the cute rabbits (I can't recall their names) and etc. 4 books represent different seasons; i.e. Winter, Falls, Summer and Spring. But di Malaysia mana ada season..ehe..

That time I was also crazy for Disney movies about Princess la...
One thing in common for the Prince, their personality are all the same. ehe..A serious gentleman in conclusion.

That's why when I watch Rapunzel..I fall in love with..the movie. 
The princess is hillarious and the hero (cause maybe he is not a real prince) is also..hillarious!!At least I found them hillarious.ehe..
Like other princesses movies (maybe except Shrek:| I don't know why I don't like Shrek that much :|), I watched Rapunzel hundreds of times!o_O until..I have already memorize the song :p ehe..And now trying so hard to sing like Mandy Moore :p Trust me..I don't have any problem to sing like her..ahaks!

I wanna share with you favourite song for the moment..and maybe will be one of..lagen..wait for it..dary!( least for me:p)

I was extremely excited (yang jenis mata besar berkaca2) tgk Rapunzel mase baby..Kecomelan T_T..
Puan Wani

p/s:Maximus made me wanna have a horse as a pet..:/

p/s: I so love her hair didandan dengan bunga tu..MasyaAllah..cantiknye..I want T_T

p/s: The characters dilukis sangat cantik..except..look at their can they be so perfect??Got orthodentist ke dekat situ??o_O



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hahaha...I agree with you pasal cite ni. :)
    x pernah tgk Shrek...x tertarik nak tgk. x tau nape.

  3. sukkkaaaaa sgt kartun no ok! i very like...

  4. Yoo:kan??maybe kite ni mmg manusia bias.nk tgk yg comel je:p
    Hanis:ehe...yey!ade kawan ^_^V



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