Friday, June 10, 2011

Yukata: The Matsuri

Kimono is not all like our national outfits whereby I can say wearable??
I mean, in baju kurung, kebaya and its superfamily are so practical where we wear it to work, to shop and some to sleep :) That's how comfy they are isn't it?
Meanwhile, kimono is one outfit which I bet not all Japanese could afford it. The price is so unbelievable!!And you need a lot of stuff to complete the look..and one piece of them cost you a fortune T_T
We have so many refashion baju kurung, correct?They also have many types of kimono. I assumed it is based on season. Turn out, it is more than that. But basically, some are according to seasons:)

Summer is kimono on sale is called yukata. Exclusive kimono usually are consist of many2 layers of clothes but not yukata. Therefore, I assumed this will be the cheapest kimono existed :P
Apart from that, unlike other kimonos, yukata is one type which is easy to wear's true..comfy!^_^

However easy I said here, I don't think this outfit also one of practical for everyday wear;p
That's why I think...they have matsuri (festival) for yukata wearers:) A way to preserve the culture I guess:)

Ehe..knowing me..( me jakun even:P)..I would like to try everything while alive and healthy (of course). Especially when the love of my heart is there with me:)
Because of my mengada2an nak join the matsuri, the other Malaysians also have to melabur beli yukata..hehe...

I have revealed my yukata in this post and this post. So, the surprise has over :P hehe..
Oh, oh..before that..what is yukata matsuri?
From what I experienced, yukata matsuri is more or less like graduation day in UM. hehe..
There are stalls selling foods, games, and other things. More or less mcm hari kantin and pasar malam. But it started since siang. The peak will be at night where the shows and many competitions were held. Due to my height...I saw "very clear" of every show performed T_T

Ok then...who are the victims gotten dragged along on the day??;p

Introducing...Mr the love of my life...cum personal photographer and..banker..and..PA.

From left to right: G chan and Yoo chan (both org kampung), yours truly-chan (hehe), In chan and Ul chan. They are all my crime partners..alah!tertinggal gambar my ultimate crime partner, i.e Kong kun T_T (gomenne..)

Another thing you must know about yukata is the obi.
I think basic yukata which is the bodice hasn't muct story to tell. For me it's just a nicer bathrobe which is way more complicated than the bathrobe la (especially for a petite like me since it comes in free size T_T). However, when you know the trick, yep..the thing can never again swallow you (like I have experienced T_T).
For me, the part which make yukata is special and artsy is the obi. Remember which part is obi??
On the day, I wore thukuri obi or we call it an instant obi..hehe...the ribbon was pre-folded and what left to do is slip it into a layer of belt with the same tone. Easy right??But then, there's no art in it.
So, I think Japanese would rather choose the manual one where they can fold it according to their creativity..But for us with manual obi???phew...took us the entire day to fold it T-T and that's the reason I fit into my obi in just..15 minutes=p ehe..

Us showing..err...not the **s >.< the obi :| 

This is all I could see from the night showcase ;/ I am so 'tall' remember?? Ladies queuing for yukata, can you see how complicate their obi are??o_O That's why I think yukata is all about obi:)

Do you know I decided on buying my yukata only because of  the geta??o_O
The geta alone costs you about rm200 (keep in mind..that's geta for kids). Now you still wanna know the price for adult's >.

Our getas..can you spot which one is mine??:)

Being in the middle of Japanese culture festival has somehow open my eyes. How youngsters made so many attempts to re-fashion yukata. Or I shall rephrase 're-fashion to revelation??

One style we managed to snap. Yela..takkan nak snap tak tentu arah gamba orang kot..karang ada yang kene rampas kamera:p
Ada lagi yang laaaagiii sexy dari ni >.< most of them tried so hard to expose the cleavage T_T and some..were showing the bras >.<

And that's basically what I have been doing on the 4th of June :) Now, I can scratch another thing in my long list of 'to-do before I die' ;)

Till then, Matta!


  1. bestnya !!!!
    jealous ni. hu3.
    harap 1 hari nanti dpt pergi sana.



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