Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memang tak ada kerja

Well..have you been questioned on your time spent on facebook??or blog?or twitter?
I got that..a lot of time. I don't know if it just me or it was really were synical questions.
It's like I don't have work to do that they found my blog (which I assumed scarcely updated), replying messages and posts on fb without fail or and I am not so much into twitter cz I don't have too many friends and I don't have time to read each one of tweet (when I leave it for hours..and now days:p) >.< see??I am also not that free also
I had once or twice or maybe more..questioned like this; "hey, kau ni takde kerja ke??aku tgk asyik online je."
Tell you, I am really a bad tempered person. Because of my husband, now I am learning to control it. So, the best thing to do is..not replying. People like this, didn't they know that putting 'online' status doesn't mean you are in front of the monitor??I was so pissed that day. I finished my practical work at about 4. I haven't had my lunch. and saw people accusing you of somebody who is useless. matter how long I am sitting in front of monitor for socializing while still making's really not your rights to question me that!>.<
Or maybe it's just my fault..I usually not very good at updating my status. Or going offline :|

When you see somebody with frequent updates on blog and facebook or any social page, are you really think they don't have work to do?
Or they are just good at time management??
Do you know that I take my lunch hour or dinner or even my sleeping hour to do something for myself? I just wanna try living more than work-sleep-work life. Because..after all, these blogger, or your friend on facebook still like you, we are trying to live. We have to earn. Ok.

Another question keeps on coming is, "wow..cepatnya reply...tak kerja ke?"
I wonder whether they ever heard of smart phone??:| but of course I won't answer, "ni iPhone4, your post, comment, tweet appear on the screen on time of posting". Nanti dikata berlagak pulak..
So, internet is now on the go. Especially here in Japan. And of course I will just reply those which I feel the need to reply fast when I am at work. Of course I know the rules!

And please also understand my situation. I love my friend, family in Malaysia. These social network is the only way we keep contacting each other in a more fun way. Isn't it? I know it sounds pitiful. But it's true. I don't have many friends here. But who does?Especially for a non-nihongo speaker like me:/

Not all people who's not on facebook are too busy. Sometimes they are just..not interested. But trust me..they care. Sometimes. Like somebody I know..ehe.

So, having facebook and not using it like people who's frequently using your lost. It's a free website ya knaw!and don't question on how people need to use their OWN facebook account.

I am composing with eyes half closed. Maybe I left out something here. So for that, I am sorry.
Puan Wani


  1. Kan! I dont understand when ppl make it an issue. Diorg x tau ke skrg ni zaman smart fon n mobile internet.

    Pastu nk ngaku working lady x sempat update fb. (padehal die ade 2 fb acc which 1 of them solely for fb online games) tu blom lagi aku ungkit status yg die tulis semua pasal d boring meetings and what an asshole her boss is (not somebody u know). Hahaha. Sorry mlempiaskan mende ni kat blog mu. Kihkihkih. XD

    tapi saye sokong entry anda ini. two thumbs up! =D =D =D

  2. sankyu!:D mls dh nk kaver perasaan ini bile org tanye dgn sarkastiknye ;/hello..dorang nk nk cr keje susah2 sape suroh!we own the same salary n i get more time!now tell me who's better;p

  3. hahaha..!! lawak weh.. i agreed with ur statement, doesn't mean that org yg x update ape2 tu bz sbb aku yg xde keje langsung ni pun x update.. hehehe...

  4. hihi...mengalaminye juge. sometimes yes sbb tak de keje. the most important reason is sbb jauh dr msia and being online in all these social site is the cheapest tool to be use here in Japan. don't care what ppl said, yg penting my family can know I am OK by all the status update. Setahun dok Jepun hny guna YM je dulu... it was sooo boring.



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