Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Word

As time goes by..I am not anymore into movies. I don't know..I will feel like I am wasting time by doing only 'watching'. If I need to watch something I will find something else to do at the same time..which usually making me at the end not fully watching the movie:p There's an exception here..when I watch it with u-know-who:p

Ok, skip the rambling:p

I love to watch drama more...
Name it Korean, Japanese (, both I don't really watch..)

Ok, skip the list..
I love sitcoms. Any sitcoms which made me laugh. Yes, I am a person who always seek laughter. ehehe...

Currently How I met your mother is on the my house.haha..
You know that sitcom??
I watched the episode which Marshall's dad died of heart attack.
When I watch that episode, I remember the day..when my dad left.
It has been 8 years since the day. And the head ache, heart ache on the day is still buried somewhere inside me. Basically, he was the reason I am 'alive'. But he is not the one who made me who I am today..coz I'm 100% sure I would be better if he's around and telling me what to do next :)

It was the episode about how last word matter for the living left by the dead.
I never have thought about what was the last word he said to me..
But I do remember what he told me.
Night before he left, he told me...em..can I keep his message as my personal treasure??*eyes blinking*

Without I noticed, he left me a very meaningful last message as if he knew. I was so young to take that seriously T_T But I think, abah...took care well of me from the above..coz I always feel if I have a dad in here:)
He always be in my heart. Rosli Bin Joned

Happy father's day to my father in law and all dads in the world:) 

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