Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've been meaning to write about my new colleague for so long.
Only now, I gotta to sit down and share with you guys about him.

I met him the first time in the elevator. When I saw him..I told myself how handsome was the man standing next to me. He looked like a Japanese movie star. Average in size, clean face, long and curly hair (men's long hair). When we arrived at this one floor, he was ready to leave. At that moment I realized the man is blind.
So, I tweet "Just saw a young blind handsome Japanese patient."

Later after that incident..I saw him everywhere..On the street, at the supa, bus stop, restaurant, etc.

A more surprising incident happened a few days later when..he was introduced to me as the member of our dept. In fact he has been a member (a surgeon) to our department for years. But then..years ago..he was not a blind man.

So, what went wrong?
I kept the question to myself. Until one day I find courage to ask my other colleague.
She told me..he got blind because some chemicals has contaminated his eyes 2 years ago while working in our laboratory. In a blink..he lost his sight. For 2 years, he just stayed at home until just recently he decided to go out again. My big boss has to provide a special room for him (and there goes my proteomic lab :p). And of course..all of us questioning what can he do?

I never 'really' talked to him. I don't know whether he can speak english or not. But I had almost knocked him down with doors many times T_T I don't know the old man who always came late in the evening with janitor uniform. He always brought dinner for him. Most of the time..on the way back home, I saw the old man pushing the bicycle while holding my blind colleague's hand. I kept telling myself that the old man might be his dad. But I denied that myself. Coz if it's true..I might ended up crying every time I see the scene.

From there I learned, what we have today..might be taken away in a way we never can imagine at any time we could never care less.

Appreciate every second you have while you are 'there'.


  1. :( tula..i yg menengok hari2 ni lg la touching T_T bygkan dulu die nmpak skrg dah x nampak T_T kite doa same2 yg baik utk kite semua ye..

  2. oh sad this story. kena appreciate semua yg kita ada skrg ni.

  3. betol Yoo..n sentiase ingat Maha pencipta.semoga takdir yang baik tertulis utk kita sampai kehujung nyawa:)



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