Friday, June 3, 2011

Born this way...

A a...not for Chastity Sun Bono..

It's already my habit to listen to the morning duo of every morning while cycling=)
Oh,'s not starbucks as my eye opener. Just radio=) Oh yes..we listen to Malaysia's radio channel in here. Since internet here knows no word 'buffering'=p

The first song played in my mind was ..guess what??..Friday by Rebecca Black *facepalm* then you know how spoiled my mood was at the beginning of the day=|
But the first song I heard from the radio was..Born this way by the phenomenal Lady Gaga..(oh, you guys just admit it how phenomenal is she at the moment!*_*)

Then the image of Chaz Bono struck into my mind. Oh...he (to show my respect to him) must hate this song. Oh yes..because he changed everything..that he was born with!0_o
The core..the soul!From she to a he.

He did surgery to remove his female breast and took jab of testosterone everyday to stay as Chaz Bono (his real name was Chastity Sun Bono). I can't imagine the routine he has to do everyday till..err..he died *-*..leceh sgt!*_*

When he appeared in this one TV interview..I was waiting for him to speak. Coz you know...usually trans-gender people will have difficulties in changing the voice. To my surprise..he sounded like a male (at least in my ear=p).

But then these kind of people will say "We are born in the wrong body" to reasoning their 'wise' decision.

Image source: Google
Can see??Miss and Mr Chaz Bono..ehehe..No..she's not the only female trans-gender. He's famous cz his mommy is Cher, the legendary singer and Chaz himself is also a celebrity. Just..not very famous among us or it's just me=p

I am not in a place to justify more about this matter.

Usually people have issue with their physical not other parts of you that made yourself, yourself. Most people deal with their conditions (by the fact that nobody is perfect). But some..just cannot bare with it and opt for changes. For these people with minor issue..hmm..still ok. For those who have a larger issue like gender..major changes will be required.

I am not an exception. I also have issue with my physical. And I am sure you guys too *_*
But of course we have to live with it. Loving every part of yourself and take care of them well because at least we were born fit. And sure, Allah made no mistakes=)

Let's start with small steps towards appreciating what Allah has given us. Take care of your health!^_^
Puan Wani

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