Monday, February 14, 2011

When you get lost

Good morning!!!

I was supposed in the shinkansen ..heading to my workplace, Hiroshima T-T..
Instead..something happened last night..and I am now stranded in Toyohashi..
Should I be worried??*check out my grin-->but I don't know how to make grinning face using hubby's desktop T_T..*

Actually, this topic has been long overdue..(blame the keybod T_T)

Do you guys ever heard of Okonomiyaki?
I remembered posting about this food in my fb. Some people keep asking me..what is okonomiyaki??(while most of them are a big fan of tako yaki=p)

Instead appearing like a ball, okonomiyaki appears like a pancake..could probably be the Japanese style pizza..hehe..coz you could put almost everything in it. The taste would be solely depends on the sauce. So, you could definitely cook it yourself at home..just buy the sauce=p
However, I think..this food is really overpriced T_T

Hiroshima is also famous for it's okonomiyaki.
Hiroshima style would be okonomiyaki with either soba or udon..and pork is a must!
Then of course nothing we can do..except..avoid okonomiyaki lor..

However, one day..oh, let me friend and me planned to go to the Hondori..(our escapade when we got tired of my case..I don't have any idea how could I get tired when I didn't even started real work..yet T_T)
Then we ended up..sesat..again *our record when we ride a bus..we never alighted at the right bus stop!* In Japan, all stores closed at 8p.m. Some are 5p.m. Only some restaurant close till late. Unfortunately we alighted at this one mall..I think it's like the Garden in Malaysia. So, most of the kedai in there are somehow exclusive compared to the next building, Sogo (hehe..yeah..I live very near to Sogo). We got hungry..and decided to just spend the night with a dine in an exclusive restaurant=p haha..out of nowhere=p

Look at what I decided to try..

Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki..minus the pork! Because this restaurant is kind of exclusive..they entertained our requests without failed..hehe
How was the okonomiyaki??
I must say..HIroshima style is the best!coz it uses less flour..hence the 'muakness'. Must be careful of the sauce too..coz some brand contains pork..again. This one..of course no. I must say the sauce is one of very healthy sauce (made of many types of veges and fruits). The okonomiyaki itself is one healthy serving (filled with lot's of veges).

My serving with my friend's. The food which looks like nasi pattaya called Yaki Soba. Nothing much..just plain fried soba wrapped in omelet. The taste is delicious again because of the sauce=p
Lastly..hehe...the writer with the food..yeah2..I was hungry hence the awkwardness of my face T_T.

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is really a must-do things to try while you are in here. If you can, you could just produce one at okonomiyaki is really expensive!Buy the sauce, lots of cabbages, soba and..eggs..Put some seafood or proteins in it..tadaaa...u got a healthy pancake!

Ok guys..this keybod really annoys me!
Jya matta,


  1. waaa i love okonomiyaki..nyum nyum..

  2. hi!im syaima.been following ur bloq for several weeks already!seronok baca u tulis pasal life in hiroshima and belah2 bwh sana!.teringin nak pegi.i also just moved to niigata in september last year.baru kawen mcm u jugak!hehe.ikut husband keje.boring jd housewife,susah cr keje coz tatau japanese tapi having the idea of further study bile baca ur blog!keep writing!

  3. oh my..we are really pengantin baru=) y don't u start writing your experience there then??it's gona be fun to share each other's knowledge isn't it??
    btw, nice meeting you=)
    oh, my blog is just another piece of crack in the bloggers world=( btw, have fun reading ^_^

  4. hehe.ill try but i seriously suck at writing.more of a reader.haha.oh and one more thing i found i have in common with u is i do hate japanese food yg mentah2 sushi2 tu.i dunno why i agree to my hubby to move here.!haha.yg basic boleh la udon tempura okonomiyaki takoyaki.yg normal2 haha.anyway ur hubby aaj um ke?or ppktj?

  5. he was ppktj=) is ur dear one if it?
    oh, me sucks too=p yeah..s u can see..never do proof reading T_T



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