Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding:I wasn't posing;)

Hi everyone ^_^

I think it's true..
blog's background do play a factor to attract this case, I am the reader=p
With the new look..I am soooo rajin to read up all my writings..
Oh God..I feel embarrased of my own writing T-T

Moving on..

Remember this post?? about the Do Not Do Poses?? haha..
I love that post despite of the fact it was embarrassing T-T. but I lost all the comments during the process of changing layout. Gomen ne T_____________T. I also frustrated with that. And of course..for one person who has the computer ability at the same level with kindergarten..recovery is almost impossible T_T..
Just to let you guys know..I really appreciate all the comments..even though it was only 'hahahaha' like SCR always do=p

Well, most of the comments said my picture turned out fine despite of the 'ketaksenonohan' T_T..

I honestly honestly admit that..they are all..spontaneous which turned out..'like that'=|

But..sometimes, spontaneous shoot or..candid turned out fine.

I would called it the okay moment;

Okay moment 1: It's ok to give your 'true' smile T_T after putting your wedding smile all day=p
Owh..most of the time..I 'smiled' like that..wanna see me laugh??=|hoo..that's gonna be scary=|

Okay moment 2: Running but feeling like dancing..I don't really like okla.. we are actually lari2 sket nk g kat pokok=p

Okay moment 3: Taking a break between photo shoot..but make sure you still begaye despite of berehat =p

Okay moment 4: Sakit pinggang dengan bergaya..hehe
This was when I sakit pinggang and my husband was talking to friends. Still..sakit pinggang dgn senyuman..T_T

Trust your photographer ^_^ and don't think too much about the parts which is not according to plan. Enjoy every single thing that you have on the day. Think of how to maximize the availability rather than..worrying of the missing. All will be reflected well from your face ^_^..
Don't regret on anything, k.

Good Luck!
Puan Wani ^_^


  1. same goes to me...!! bukan senang nak posing depan orang yang kite tak 'berape nak kenal'... huhu...apetah lagi kat public place... bukan modeL ok..[ngeee] anyway...memang kene banyak berlatih...

  2. cik rose:u can do better for sure ^_^
    aty:true..lg satu..i mmg x penah nk spend time pikir how to pose T_T

  3. all poses sgt cantek! =) n owh..btw, sweet layout.

  4. Thank you Puan Hana yang emaknye pandai membuat fondant cake yang jelite ^_^



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