Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gomennasai T_T

Konnichiwa everybody!!

Is it layout changing season??hehe..
I am not sure whether it is true..but I can feel the vibe from here..huhu...

Anyways..No..of course it's no true=|

I have a friend who has the ability to scan my heart=|

She had problem with her many reason for her to she did changed..
She showed me this one vector graphic ( I know what it is).
The picture has the LOVE statue which has so much chemistry with my love story=p *haha..sile muntah*..
So I was excited..and spent half an hour to set up my new blog yang..lg pening T_T..

Please come again reading from here..huhu..I know the layout is sort of pening T_T..
Gomennasai T_T

Despite of the kacau bilau on the orders..I love the background=p

This is one of the picture which had received so many comments when I posted it in fb=) As the consequences, every time my friends saw this thing, they will alert me..haha..they said this statue remind them of us=)
p/s:(ignore wajah kami mase mude tu=p)


  1. nice one! hehehhee. pakai jugak ko ye. n the font is superb! loveeee it. ^_^

  2. cute la wani...agree the font in superb! (^_~)
    and sorry if my muka tu nmpk keyboard jepun. hahaha

  3. wani, yoo baru teringat yoo ada take picture LOVE mcm ni kat Tokyo. hihi...patut rasa mcm pernah tgk je.

  4. yey!!haha..xnk gamba ni kene kaver..sume mende kene tolak ke bawah..haha..



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