Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Minis that I missed

Hello everybody ^_^

Well, do you guys have nieces or nephews??
hehe..I do I do!! (sambil loncat2)..

When I was a child, I used to be called 'adik' cz I am the bongsu.
My life that time revolve around my one brother, who is the eldest and my one big sister whose that time very close to my brother cz you know..some weird chemistry between the 1st child and 2nd child.
I bet you guys mesti drop jaw if you heard about how my brother being so over protective towards my sister.haha..He used to be kaki pukul if ever my sister hated some guys (which also..definitely another kid.haha).
I used to play with other neighbors..and I got my dad who was so over protective towards me. But still, this two duets (my bro n sis) looked after me kdg2 la..
They don't usually play with me coz..yeah..I am so gurly=p haha..

So, we are the three stooges in the family until my baby sister arrived (you would not believe me if I show u my baby sister cz..she's twice my size T_T). Since she arrived later in our lives (which we are all have reached puberty=p) so we did not had the child memory together..hehe..
One of the funny thing was, when my brother bring my baby sister walked around the neighborhood, some people were talking as if the baby was actually my brother's T_T

Trust me, all God's plan all are good. My mom gave birth to my baby sister at her 40's. My late father was much older that time. We are all grown up. 7 years after that, my father passed away, leaving my mom miserable. With my baby sister now, she spent her old days at home doing things that she is passionate about (helping out people in needs). If my baby sister hasn't arrived, my mom must be very lonely right now=(

Well, my brother is married. He is blessed with 3 stooges too! And it was scary some times to see your child hood memory became clear again in front of your eyes!
They are my brother's children.

During my bertandang..
The boy is Amir or Abang (my brother's miniature), middle girl is Qistina or Kakak (my sister's miniature) and the small girl is Qasrina or Baby (my miniature).
Their behavior very much like us??Wasn't it scarier T_T..
Abang and Kakak have such a good chemistry (like my brother and sister too T_T). So, they usually play together..
And Baby..always do her own business ( me once upon a time=p)
Another thing is..Baby is very small for children at her age (I am a petite too T_T) and she has this very 'becok' and outspoken mouth (which I believe she got it from..who else.??me T_T)

What's the purpose of this post daa???
Nothing..I just missed them sooo much!!Really hope they will grow up..and be a good person. They don't have to be a doctor or engineer..I just want them to be proud of themselves and be happy in their life=) Good luck guys!

-Mak Lang-


  1. very sweet of you wani. aku ingat lagi, nie la baby yg ko selalu bawa ke hulu ke hilir dlu.. :D

  2. haha=) mmg pon..smpai skrg pon=) kesian budak2 tu...yela..akak aku dh kawen.ade life sndiri..aku plak kt sini =(



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