Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pengantin Hyper

Salam all!

There were a lot that I wish I could do better in my life.
That own wedding shoot.haha..

It's true some B2b at that time said that..we have to prepare with a few poses before the event so that we won't be fully dependent on the photographer.
Sometimes, the photographer also has no idea on how to pose us!haha..and of course..some times..we just did not like the pose as much as they do=p

My experience?
Natural poses turned out thousands time better than directed poses!
The problem was..hubby and me..never put our effort on discussing what kind of posses or shoot that we would prefer. In fact..we rarely discussed anything about our own wedding!
Of course..we only gotta see each other one day before the solemnization T_T..
Still..that is not a good reason not to have discussion on this matter.
(The actual reason was..we never had thought about this T-T)

I was crowned as The most sporting bride by my videographer..(I was so embarrassed to even look at my own wedding video)..and the most hyper brides by most people.haha..

I must say..our 'shahdu' pose..didn't work.

Some don't need any plans..
where better things happen when you least expect it.
Like my outdoor photoshoots.hehe

Because of my hyper-ness..
we got a lot of I-think-interesting pictures taken.
Take a look..a few of them. baju got a lot of pins..angkare tailor..
While clearing up those pins..
This is not the shoot that the photographer asked us to do..haha..
That was when I told my husband..I cannot stand with the shoes anymore=(
I was waiting for the photographer to set up their stuff..
We were waiting for the photographers team to ask permission from the KTM's authorities
While waiting to cross the alley..and I cannot stand the shoes=p

Tgh mengumpat org gile..hehe

Lesson of the day.. have to study the pose prior the shooting, occay T_T


  1. wahhhh..soooo nice wani. Love the pics.
    It is, no need to plan2. Spontan tu is much better.Suka sgt gmbr tgh tunggu permission and the last one. Hahahahaaha. Niceeeeeee...

  2. i loooooove the 5th pic. Naturally romantic. hehehe.

  3. Yoo:hehe..actually ade yg lg nicer berdasarkan perangai bete yang mls dooh ni..nnt2 la..haha..btw, thanks.

    Choclairissa:thank u.thanks to KTM=p

    SCR:x aci!muke perantin pompan x clear sgt!=(

  4. me too!dpt jumpa 2 days before nikah after 1.5 years tak jumpa!LDR!hence the awkward poses coz maluuu.hahahaha.but urs is so much nicer.



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