Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our chemistry

One fine evening when hubby found our wedding videos captured by my sister in law...

(oh yes, we have been married for half a year..but we never watch that=p haha)

then he chose one file to be played..

(his aunties were giving wedding wishes for us on the video)

Hubby: Bes jugak tgk ucapan2 dorang ni..
Me: ahaa..(while hiding myself inside a cozy futon! Tell you..once u trapped in this creature..just cancel all your appointments will u=|)

...after few seconds..

Hubby: You wanna see more?
Me: (not answering..but looking at him)
Hubby: Nex2 time la..

Me: Ok!!Play the last airbender please!!(This sentence was not finish when the TV went black again=|)

...That's the 100th times we treated our wedding videos..and welding album like that T_T...

Our official wedding video??
Nah..only my mom has finished watching it for the 50th times =|

Jya matta,

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