Friday, February 25, 2011

Eight years ago..


8 years ago..


It was the final day of matriculation year. My sister and brother fetched me up and we arrived home late in the evening.
As I sit in front of the TV, my dad arrived home..and I remember he was moved so quickly and was looking for me while I was just in front of him.
He said "Mana Wani??"
and I was like??" la Wani..x nampak ke??" and turned my head back to the TV.

during dad asked, "How's final??"
I was almost choking coz I know so well that I didn't used my maximum brain capacity.
It's true that I played too much cz there, nobody was around to monitor me T_T..
I told him "I didn't do good".
He wasn't scolded me. Because he knew so well the rule of talking to me. I will be so honest that it will be no use to scold me.
And he didn't get angry..he just said very simple things..which usually very successful in touching his daughters heart. He always a good motivational guru for me and my sister.
Me and my sister agreed that we could not listen to my dad's talking about how we should think about future and life. Because it was all true..and usually we ended up with tears.
And yes, I was in tears after he talked to me how I should not wasted all the chances that I have T_T

I stayed in the room, crying because of a few sentences he said that night.

That night, I passed him sleeping on the couch on my way to the toilet. My step was hold. I didn't know what was holding me. I looked at him and my heart whispered, "Your dad will leave you tomorrow."
But my brain tried to deny it!How could I said that to my father!I slapped my chest a few times to stop the whispers.
I went to sleep.


I was at home alone. received a few phone calls asking for my mother.

Again the phone call for my mother from the same woman. Luckily my mom was there and she managed to receive the call.
She was told to come to the hospital because my father was admitted. We got no idea about the worst it could be. The nurse who called my mother did her job so well I guess. We could not catch anything from her voice.
That time my sister was having her final examination. So, we decided to wait for her to finish and wait for my brother from work. Only at 3 we arrived at the hospital. We were greeted by 2 doctors and brought to a room. I was so stupid. I could not read anything from the situation.
Until..the doctors told us about my dad..who they could not saved..

My mom was so devastated..she vomited a lot. Fainted so many times.

I still can hear my dad sang for my mother before he went to work..and I remember cursing them for being romantic in front of the neighbor..early in the morning T_T..

At least my mom had the last sweet moment with his husband.

Oh my..I almost cried in the middle of work.
I thought I had recovered..
Looks like I am still keeping the devastation over Abah's lost inside.

Rest in peace Abah. My pray will always be with you.

Si kecik Bangah,


  1. This is so deep..and this touching me :( May your father rest in peace wani.


  2. =( It wasn't even into the touching part yet actually..I just could not continue writing it=(
    thank u paie..

  3. =(( i somehow can understand ur feelings wani. my mommy passed away 8 years ago in was so unexpected and i still replay all the memories without being able to hold back tears.Al-fatihah to them.

  4. Speechless... bergenang airmata. Can't imagine how. :(

    May your father rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.

  5. Guys..a lil amendment..8 years..not 7.hehe..slh kire=p i realized it after Syaima' mentioned about her mom T_T
    Syaima:Al-Fatihah..8 years still cannot recover T_T
    Yoo:Thanks. Al-Fatihah.

  6. Al Fatihah to abah K Wani...
    doakn utk dia selalu ek ;)
    jgn sedih2

  7. i see..somebody got a new computer ^-^..
    yes, the least I could do for him.sbb x sempat nk balas jasa T_T

  8. i felt your lost when i read this. al-fatihah to him dear.



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