Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi! and salam..

I think my blogspot isn't working well..noticed it from day one.
Can we change the clock??I don't know how to change the time setting. It isn't the same with the local time. So, all this while..I just agak2..=(

Oh well..actually time does not allow me to jot something in this humble blog. But I cannot stand anymore!!I need to talk! But here nobody can understands what I am talking about except Dr. Choon..(who is Malaysian..hence the ability to understand=p but he is busy T_T).

So, having a blog is veeeerrryyyyy useful for somebody who needs an escapade!and listenerss...xde..readers pon jadila T_T

I was asked this question so many times..for years..

"You called your bf/hubby Bebeh??"

My answer..Yes..I do.
haha..I don't know if anybody do call their hubby or bf that..(but I am quite sure there are few of my friends calling their hubs by that name now..)
How do I decide to call him bebeh??haha..
I have no idea..I never set in my mind what do I call my hubby/bf in my whole life.
The name came just like that..seriously..
It just suits him best.haha..
even he had questioned me that=p But I seriously cannot give the exact answer..

Because the calling comes from the heart=)

Ok people...I'm sure you have a special calling for your loved ones=)

Mind sharing?
QueenForADay (I love to end my writing with this alta ego..unfortunate!)


  1. me call my hubby by his name. Sometyms call him B and sometyms sayang. One thing for sure, he doesnt like it if his wife call him 'abang' haha. XD we rule our own married life. right? ^_^

  2. He requested me to call him abang T_T..but cannot..he is bebeh!=|

  3. yoo:blogspot time x same ngan local time.annoying when you wanna do schedule post=(



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