Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Suhaila..


Mind my typing..I don't know how to use my husband's laptop T_T
Anyways, this devoted follower,i.e. SCR=p has left me a comment in fb..telling me about my 100th follower=p bahahah..It took about 3 add another two followers into my blog.hahaha..pathetic..I know I know..

However, I thank you for reading my ntah ape2 karangan T_T

Dear Suhaila (How should I address you with..I could not find your infos..hence..)
If you read this, can you please leave me a comment on how to reach you.
You could just leave me your e-mail address!That will do.

Thank you Suhaila! and also..all of my other followers..=)

I wish I could write better than this..T_T..oh keybod..y??T_T

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