Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First product with manik


I planned to spend tonight writing in this blog. My mind was flooded with ideas this afternoon. But I refrained myself to write in here as I got so much reading to do!
It's so tiring to hold your mind back some times when so many ideas filled up your brain at the same time..and you are already exhausted!
So, I chose to do work that have to be done at their proper time.
In fact I promised myself to neglect all the social networks available in this world..and put my full attention to work!
I think my weakness would be ..focusing on things which do not have..entertainment value=(
Looks like I should be working in media related company=p instead of doing this healing people thingy T_T

Oh well..let's go straight to the point.

I always love sewing..
Maybe because I love fashion, dresses..baju ape2la..I love to own them..to fashion them to take care of them.
But due to money constrain..I always wish that I could sew my own dress!the least I wanna sew my kids' dresses. InsyaAllah..
However, due to never ending books education in my life..(tsk2..) I never have the time to learn sewing. But I always draw the way of doing sewing in my mind. It's just that..you cannot draw the skill of using sewing machine T_T..
So, I usually used my own hands to produce small products like pencil case, hp case..and all the cases for things that could fit in cases..hehe..

I always wonder..is sewing manik that difficult till you could get charged for bucks for a simple design (which just a straight line..double price if the line was doubled). So I decided to try..since I need to get rid of my husband's image in my head..(yes..he inhabited most of it!it's hard for me to be productive!Sorry sayang=|..n of course that doesn't work). Plus, when you have tried something that you think possible for you to do..hm..I will feel another satisfaction in my life=)

The problem was..I am in Japan..I don't have any dress that needed manik improvisation. Hmm..what do I do?
You know The Facebook?? I must say FB is one of the greatest invention of our time!
I shouted on my wall.."for those who would like to give their baju kurung as my lab rat..please drop a comment in the comment box".
In a blink of an eye..I got one.hehe..

To show my appreciation..I will not charge her for the manik..but of course she has to be ready for the outcome=p

When she handed me the baju..I was having a minor palpitation..haha..coz she said she wanted to wear the dress for her graduation??!!what??!!haha..

So I was determined to try my best..
I got a lot of ideas..seriously a lot..
I was tired of thinking which design suits her and the dress..
Finally..I just let my hand decides..

As the charcoal touch the dress, everything happens so fast..and..tadaaa

The overall look..I don't know whether she will like this..I don't really like the color unfortunately..but I think this is the best choice that suits the person and the dress's color..
again..this is subjective=p

Detailing..close up

The lengan..close up

I must thank Oprah for her company during the mission. haha..
and..thank you bebeh for lengthening the time I took to finish this up=|

Any more 'lab rats' available for me?


  1. hahaha...I have baju kurung for raya nanti.nanti i tgk my baju tu sesuai tak dijadikan lab rat u.:D

  2. cantiknye...cantik giler kak!! hehehhe

  3. yoo:x kire!nk!haha..eh..hello..mane manik i yg u janji nk taje tu??=p
    shaofie:idokle..kalo tgk disebalik tbir..ngeri la jugak..haha.btw, thanks=)

  4. hahaha..itulah. hr tu lps balik hntr laksa tu baru nmpk itu manik daa atas almari. gomenne..wasuretetta..
    nanti i bagi wokeh. hehehe

  5. wokeh!tp ratnye xdok ni..ateh apa nk ditekatkan manik tuh? (penyataan tesirat mintak lab rat dr yoo..takan x paham kot=|)

  6. hahahahaha...ratnye ye. kat lab wani tak de rat ke? ok, ada satu tu mmg nak ada manik. nanti bg.

  7. waahhaaa...lg sorang kene pakse=p simpang malaikat la nk keje ngan rat.wani rele bedah org dpd bedah rat T_T

  8. jgn tepedaye aim!haha..
    btw, arigatou!



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