Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Manual of snow=p


Here I would like to give you sort of manual of how to play in snow=p haha..
I had never set my mind of what I will do when I have to live in snow.
So, here you go!For those who likes snow..but think again..what you can do with them ^_^

1) How to keep yourself dry

Ok..if you ask me will you get wet playing with snow??the answer is..yes, but it took time for you to feel the wetness cause of temperature was below zero so any water formation will be frozen. However, you will get wet anyway!so, to prevent that to happen..(of course you would not want that to happen..or you will be uncomfortably cold!plus wet!oho..how uncomfortable that will!)

That day I was so degil!I wanna wear my best winter coat (so all my pictures turn out nice=p).haha,.plus, I feel the warmest in this coat=) But it was made of..wool..of course it will get wet easily T_T

No worries!it was just not me who's unprotected from water that day.
I sprayed myself with water-repellent ^_^..It worked wonders!I got just a lil wet (at the part where I forgot to spray T_T). So guys, if you are thinking of going to snow..and so lazy to think of proper baju to go with (plus you think of fashion everywhere you go=p) water repellent really a life saver=)

2) How to keep yourself warm
Actually..I never thought about this..haha..but my friend G insisted to put this pocket warmer (the white packet I believe containing some sort of metals which keeps you warm when you got in touch with it. But the heat it produced is in-situ. But still helped=) Looks like koyok=p)
She glued the warmer there..at my foot.hehe..She offered to put them on my foot, not my fault of appearing like a princess in this photo T_T (padehal I was so manje T_T).

I remembers my first winter dated 2 years ago in Tokyo. I was soo in need of this pocket warmer. But now, I am kind of 'kebal' ke ape tah..that I don't see the need for it anymore=p

3) Don'ts in snow

Do not lay yourself at a snow which looks like a wall..haha..it was actually so soft that you might got swollen!

4) Do's in snow
You must!you must!slide down the hill in tyre!I did this for many2 times till I think my pants were wet T_T so, I stopped.haha..
At first I had doubt to try this. It looked dangerous..coz the tire slide so fast! hehe..but I did it many2 times at the end=p (even my friend had to stop me T_T)

Baring in the snow..hehe..so soft!I felt like sleeping in icing cake=)and be careful of the thickness and probably any deep holes. We almost fell into a deep hole!
Buried your friend=p..alive..haha
Taste it!it's a must! (it tasted like ice..haha..with some chlorine and potassium T_T)
Of course making a snow princess ^_^

And don't get intimidated my other people's snow man..no matter how big it was from yours..or how nice the look was from yours T_T..huhu

Jya, ganbarre ne in enjoying your own snow fun time ^_^..
oh, of course you can skii or snow boarding..but that must be done in a proper place (that needs lots of money=p)
This one was only 'how to enjoy snow in front of your house'=p bahaha..
Happy trying!

Jya matta,


  1. akak study apa??and your husband bidang pe??

  2. my bidang is..something in hospital=p my husband is working as engineer in suzuki.but he has been living in Japan 4 almost 10 years..
    hope that clears out everything ^_^

  3. suke...suke tgk blog ni..name pn nak same..imagine myself yg kat sane.. ;)



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