Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wani nye Blog..

It's ok..I usually started my day with doing nothing =p
Let's answer tag from MissButterfly=)

*sume font mmg copy paste=p*
1. Apakah Status Anda?
Married..and not living together..(ok paparazzi..twist it in a good way will you??sigh..)

2. Ceritakan tentang diri anda
same with Ms. B..I am also pemalu and pendiam..hence the blog..

3. Ceritakan tentang blog anda
Actually for my wedding. Record of ideas. Purely to share with my friends who also about to get married at that time. On the way..I met with some strangers whom later I got to concern about them as well.
However, I am not a blogger who do exchange links frequently as I don't have time for blog walking..especially leaving a comments..
Right now..I think I should be writing more about real things other than a few days fairy tales..

4. Apa pendapat anda tentang dunia blog?
I got to sharpen my skills for writing.
I gotta to preserve my vocabs (in a fear that I might lose them due to usage of third language, i.e Nihongo. Yes, it's because I know my capability very well that..my brain only supports two language at a time T_T)
For me..who loves my friend so much that I refused to leave their life, blogging is a way of me rambling about my life away from them-so it's a way of keeping touch.
Of course a way of sharing knowledge and exprience..*however, depending on readers..some times..they interpret our writing as a way of 'show off'..to those who had that in mind..peliss..if everything that we are about to share is show off..what's left to share??=|
A tools of meeting new friends who's gotta learn from us..and us..gotta learn something from them

5. Nasihat kepada kawan-kawan yang baru nak buat blog
Please do..
everyone has their own reason to have one. Your blog..your rights..if ever you wanna generate money from that=)

6. Nyatakan keunikan blog anda
hehe..with lots of grammatical and spelling error of course..
I am one writer who never do proof reading T_T..(exam pon x penah semak balik..ni kan pulak blog T_T)

7. Sampai bila nak menulis blog dan impian anda dalam dunia blog?
Until I found there is no reason for me to write anymore..
Impian??never have think that thing so seriously..hehe..just please mind your words in your writing-)

8. Tag 5 orang yang anda kenal:

hehe..sume bukan blog B2b=p


  1. ok..saya dah lihat. nnt saya buat
    btw k wani..bile lagi nk balik toyo? org xpernah pergi rumah k wani :( nak melawat..

  2. laaa..ngape x dtg las weekend..kami hybernate je kt umah...hehe..ni ade je kt toyo lg=)

  3. harus ke jawab? okay aku buat with expectation of a gift from Jepang. Yeeehhh???



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