Monday, February 28, 2011

Love vs Down low

Let's put ourselves for a while in this situation..

You have been with this one man since you were 15..

He was your first and only love that you have known..

You went through everything with and down..

He was with you during the darkest hour..

He was in fact witnessing the darkest memory of your life..

and suddenly this one man..comes out..and telling you one revelation which even love..cannot save you and him.

Image: Source

I am very sure that most of you recognize this lady.
She is Fran Drescher..hehe..Ms. Fine in my most favorite show ever. I am watching that till now. It's a must for me when I have to dine alone at home=) I am still Wani..searching for laughter every minute in my life=)

I love her. I think her acting in the Nanny was effortless coz she's in person is exactly like what we have seen in the show.
I even like her in person, you know.
She found her first love at 15. Then she married the same guy; Peter Marc Jacobson at 21. And they open a production house and produced The Nanny together. The husband wrote the scripts, produced it and the wife executed it so well. They had been one couple envied by people in the 90's.

Until...the husband thinks he's a gay.

The husband was having a hard time identifying who he was because the one thing he knew was..he's really in love with his wife.

He did came out..telling the world that he's a gay.

A few years later, they are officially separated. And Fran was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Like we all knows, she survived that and now in charge of many campaigns for cancer.

Recently, they are back in Oprah Show. I was so touched when the husband told Oprah and the audience that he still loves Fran, and Fran interrupted the conversation. It was like she doesn't wanna hear that.

Despite of this hard truth, they said that..they are friends..

Oprah asked Fran how did she survived the separation?
Fran said it was very hard since she had never been with other man in her entire love other than his ex-husband..(and of course cz she was 15 when they declared lover).
Apart from that, in 80's they had been robbed..and Fran was raped in front of her husband.
They thought they had went through darkest time among the darkest..

For me, this is one tragic love story.
Fran is still single..I am pretty sure her love for his ex-husband has never fade despite of the down low.
The husband...what else to say..he confessed his love towards Fran in the show.

If only the world doesn't have gay=|

Let's pray for the love that we built lasts till death do us apart=)
Puan Wani


  1. owh..complicated nyer hidup!harap kita pun dapat cinta yang hingga hujung nyawa~

  2. insyaAllah..same2 kite bedoa=)

  3. wah. u knew her very well. I'm sooo touched. sobsobsob.

  4. bolela sikit2 yg dh disummary kan..
    tp mmg sedeh la...sedeh sgt..dahla suami gay..pastu kene kanser..=(

  5. Yoo:mintak2 kite dijauhkan dgn karma yg sebegini T_T insyaAllah..

  6. huhu laki gay skrg ni teramat2 la ramai...

  7. husband gay, kena rape and cancer..sedih nya..nauzubillah..she is sooo strong.



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