Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 weeks stock!


Existence of this blog was initially to share about my wedding journey. I found myself not as much excited as I expected in doing the preparation. Nothing more could explain that except m-a-l-a-s. I kept asking my mom to just have nikah ceremony and later straight away jamuan or something. No two days complicated occasions. So, I tried to be excited by blog walking and putting up my own blog in order to force myself to do the prep!haha..Turned out..nothing much changed. I was still pengantin malas..T_T..The only thing I love and care was the man I got married with=p hehe..
Nak updet blog about wedding pon malas..apetah lagi blog walking..apetah lg..nk tinggalkan jejak!haha..Apparently I love reading things that's fun!and shockingly..wedding stuff is not in the list T_T..(So not normal la you wani T_T) SO, I was left unpopular among B2b that time=p bahaha..hence less friends di alam maya ini..
Among the few that I care..I think 40% of them apparently are weekend wives. So, that means I am not alone..(but mine, worst case scenario..a monthly wife T_T).
Does that means career is getting more important??hmm..
I should have answer that myself right?How could I leave my husband for my ambition here! basically, if I said we wanted to make more money, that does not make sense coz we spent more when we live separately. We have two houses to take care of..and don't mention about shinkansen. It costs us more than air asia flight ticks!
So in conclusion, we, being a long distance husband and wife..doesn't mean we don't love each other as much as those of normal (not LDR)..we are those who's still trying to build our future while keeping our oath to love =) so, there's nothing wrong with it..it's just that we choose a rougher path for a smoother tomorrow. InsyaAllah..

I went back to see my husband once a month. That's all I can afford for now..(sponsored by Japanese Government doesn't allow you to live that wealthy T_T)..
The one thing I must do no matter how tired I was..cooking for him. Stock for at least 2 weeks.
Recently I tried cooking a few dishes which I had never tried cooking before..hehe..
This photo shows a few of them=) First time in my life I cooked meat=p Alhamdulillah..they were all edible=p ahaha..with neither meat tenderizer nor pressure cooker..haha..hebat x??(abesla bill gas laki i=p)
That's our dinner..We tried to be romantic everytime we are together..(walopon rambot serabai n baju tebalik..haha..yeah..I love my life with him=])

So, I hope everybody enjoy your company even they are not really accompany you. They maybe could not be reached by your hands..you have to try reaching them by your heart=)
Close your eyes..and think of them..(dem!I don't have to do that since he's in my mind like 24/7!I have to clear my head of him then I can think of other things!geezz..)


  1. hehe..romantik la tu ada mangkuk bentuk heart..comel!

  2. hehe..tu pon hadiah kawen org bg.yg silicon tuh=p pasni nk carik lg bentuk heart for our romantic dinner=)

  3. Love reading this...but I read this today so tears in my eyes. T_T
    Especially the last paragraph tu. Uhuk uhuk



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