Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bride and Groom's Bestfriends=)

Hello again ^_^

Oh God..I think my body shut down earlier than it supposed to!I should be feeling this on Friday T_T

My brain is in exhaustion (due to too many feeds in this week) you mind reading average mind??T_T

I haven't yet write about our two best friends on our wedding=)

I am very sure all the brides feeling the same too when it comes to choosing your maid of honor. You sure wanted your bestest friend to always be by your side on the day right?
Best friend is not necessarily somebody who is completely out of our bloodline..sometimes, your best friend could be your own sister or cousin.

Before I proceed, my sister is truly my best friend. He knows all my secret (although..I didn't know the thing supposed to be a secret T_T). But, having very few family members, having her as maid of honor..doesn't make sense..haha..she has to be the master of the floor of my sister is wayyyy bigger than's not going to be nice in the photo (becoz I am so so extra small T_T).

Luckily, I have various size of best friends=) and also enemies T_T haha..

I finally asked my old friend from high school, Dr. Najo=) She is the first I had in mind..and luckily we are 'rakan sebaya' (x paham??check out the pictures=p)

We are friends since SAMURA up till now. I assumed she knows me deep inside. She knows the evil inside me too I supposed..n yet she stays befriend with me. We saw each other's ups and downs. And together we passed the darkness of matriculation life=p (Naj..I think we should have pleaded for other matriculation when the first day we arrived in Kurniawan T_T).

If you guys would like to see an angel wearing a human mask, please...introduce yourself to Najo. hehe...I have never met anyone having such a heart. If only I can be reborned T_T She is so beautiful! For me, she defined one beautiful woman ^_^..therefore, I decided to have her as my maid of honor (MOH). Turned out, all our pictures are all pretty!yey!!

At first, Najo can only be my 'maid' for the first reception..(plus, my MIL said that MOH for bertandang will be taken care of by them).
A few days before bertandang, I was asked by my MIL if I have a friend to be my MOH. And..Naj texted me asking if I need her as MOH coz she managed to apply cuti!!!
I was sooo touched!haha..she 'wasted' her cuti to be my 'maid'!!

Thank you Najo..
All fell into places=)
Alhamdulillah..I had my bestfriend to play the role..which I consider very important. I was so sad when she wanted to leave me with my husband..haha..

With our own best friends on reception husband's best man?? His name is Kicap.
I don't know how to describe the weird relationship they have.haha..
They have this very strong chemistry and the bond which you wouldn't understand as a woman. haha..
In conclusion, they are really best friend..(I don't know how else to describe..=p)
So, speaking about his best man..I don't think he would want other person than Kicap (which happened living in Subang Jaya..hehe..strategic home for both majlis=p)

With our own..same best friends on bertandang=)

Well guys, we never gave you two specific instructions on how to treat us on the day. Because..we weren't defining you as our maid..instead our best friends that we honored to witness our special day as close as us=)

Thank you for spending your two days=)

Your ex-boss;
Puan Wani=p



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