Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding: The Don't poses=|

Salam all..

After 6 months of marriage..only now I have the appetite to go through my wedding pics..haha..
but of course I cannot go through every details..yet! It is even hard to finish 'em all in one night.

So, as I'm going through the first album..I picked up a few (a few in larger proportions T-T).. pictures which I would classified as inappropriate T-T..

It's hard to put the theory here..
Let picture do the talking.

Ok..I have been told about this soo many times! But I was totally forgot about this!
Lesson no 1: Don't laugh soo big on the throne..or you'll get a picture like that=| I bet elders must have hated me on that day T_T

Lesson no.2: Feed your husband well before the majlis..or else..he will eat like a guest=|

Lesson no 3.: Be the one who looks politer among the other girls around you..=|

Lesson no 4: Make sure you look like a bride instead of the bestman=| in conclusion, eliminate any form of competition..
Lesson no 5: Sit on a proper chair if you feel tired=|

hehe..follow my lessons..then you will not see any pictures like above in your wedding album=) Ganbarre!hehe..

But I love to see myself..I mean the real me not hidden despite's my wedding!

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