Sunday, February 6, 2011

The unplanned tryout

Konbanwa (its already dark in here..hence the greeting ^_^)

Lately my life was kinda smooth in every points. Name it work, love life, friends..everything were just right. I cannot explain how thankful I am to be meeting all these wonderful people (Alhamdulillah). It made me realized even more that..human kind are all the same. What differ us from each other is what we believe.
I am thanking my husband for the time he spent doing nothing at home just to accompany me who has no plans for this weekend.hehe..I was not intended to do any activities that consumed so much energy as I was so tired for the whole week. The worst part I made he did was..he spent time with me else right??T-T..and we did our own past time activities while turning on skype. yeah...pathetic.. but some time we watched movie together. Since he bought a very huge LCD tv, I could just share with him the TV from here. All through skype.
We did so many things to feel like we are around for each other. I hope we will come out with so many other ideas to work this marriage out. But no doubt, my love for him grows stronger everyday despite of the distance=) Hopefully we will forever madly in love like now..or even better. InsyaAllah..

This evening when I am about to open my Nihongo book (after got perli from husband T_T) my friend Ulfah (let's call her Ul chan=p, she's from Indonesia) called, asking my help to apply inai on her nails and toes. Then I said ok.

After all fingers and toes were painted..I got addicted in handling the tube=p I convinced Ul chan to paint her hands=p bahaha..Nothing that she knew that I never did this thing..seriously never..I never use inai tube or anything associate with it!hehe..I just follow my heart and I painted whatever it was in 5 mins=p

Here you it first looked like=)

Hehe..yeah..I do have an artsy talent hidden in my was highly expressed once upon a time..and got suppressed by environmental factors..(what schoolT_T)..I wasn't that artsy like I am so talented pon=p hehe..

The after look. it was inai mekah (i saw the tube). Very nice color isn't it? No additional materials were added in the process. We used the inai straight away from the tube and wait for half and hour before washing it all away.

I wanted to paint her foot anyways. But I got mental block immediately when I work with foot=p guess I just don't like to work with foot=p ahahaha..

I guess I had succeeded in trying another thing in my life which before this was so mystery (for me)=p
So, after this, I could just do this myself (of course not on my ownself=p)

Do not afraid to try things yourself whenever you feel like trying. Nothing to lose if ever you failed in the attempts. The winning part had tried=)
Jya matta,


  1. hehe. cantik inai yang akak buat. ja matta ne!

  2. haha..kalo begitu ghope inai org kawen abesla kene kutok..haha..
    btw, thanks=p

  3. cantik sgt..simple but nice..weeeeeee..:)

  4. eiqa:idokle eiqa oii..comot2 cenggitu T_T tp seni tu subjektif kan=p arigaou!
    anaztasias:arigatou gozaimasu!

  5. waha..yoo..anda telah hinggap ke sini?irraishaimase ^_^

  6. hehe..btw..jemput2 la singgah blog kita yg comot tu..:D



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