Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lunar New Year


Have been meaning to write in here for so many days...
I got a long list of topics to write. However, since the issue is sort of tedious to put into words..I put them on hold=p haha..
I was busy with my another postponed project T_T..yaitu...jahit manik ^_^..
My hubby is so menyampah with me who is sooo into manik all nights=p I think deep down he is fine..coz he get to play PS3 while I menjahit...
But then..when suddenly skype dropped..we did noticed!and quickly call each other back..and our own business=p haha..
Oh, I love my acitivity currently when I got to test my talent on sewing manik while watching Oprah show endlessly =)

Also, have been meaning to wish all my chinese friends; Gong Xi Fa Chai!!have a prosperous new year ahead!^-^
When you go outside..seeing the know a lil bit here and there that was not taught at school.
For example; I was a lil bit surprised knowing that Vietnamese celebrate Gong Xi Fa Chai. But they didn't call it Gong Xi Fa Chai la.haha..They called it 'Lunar New Year'. Despite of difference in the names and the way they celebrating it, the purpose is still the same; to celebrate their new year...
I asked them; do you have this custom of yee sang??
They don't have it.
But they have some special food which are eaten during this special day.
Among them, I love this 'sweet meat'.

Sweet meat??for real?Can I eat meat from Vietnam?hehe..I also was worried when he said he wanted to give me some 'sweet meat'. I am worried of how do I reject him..again??
Fortunately, the 'sweet meat' is actually dried ginger covered with sugar. It's like the dried guava in Malaysia. So, it tasted sweet and and the same time..ginger hot!of course..u eat ginger just like that!
But I love it!^_^ especially when you eat them in this cold weather =)

Simple food right? Never thought of ginger could just be eaten like this!
He gave me a lot coz I love it! So many times I was left 'crying' due to too many ginger consumed at a time=p haha..

For those planning for Vietnam, please consider this as one of your omiyage!

Happy Lunar New Year!


  1. ur new follower yg ke 107..heheh ;p nice blg do u have..;)

  2. oh thank you=) nothing much in this. Hopefully my writing could filled your freetime=p irasshaimase!



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