Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Princess

Hi everyone!

Don't mention it...suddenly I got time and mood to write=)
Last week, I went to visit a village located in the outskirts of Hiroshima city. As I am living in the city, the snow that we experienced was not like what you will see in the countryside. The area was all white..even I could not clearly distinguished houses as they are all buried!I cannot imagine living in snow..tsk2..but we did living in it for a few hours..not bad..the only thing you can doo..sit in front of the heater or else u'll transform to an avatar=p

At my place, the snow was not really heavy. Only sometime you might need shovel. But then..that will be very seldom. If I wanna do snow man pon..it won't be that big.
Frankly speaking, I love my place. I love light snow instead..they are the most beautiful in that form..in my eye=) hehe..Always feeling like winter sonata=p

The whole of my life..I never made snow man=( yeah..That's why this time I am so determined to make oneeee!
Here's my snowman..hehe..because everybody said that I was like a princess=p (FYI..not the looks ok=p)..I called that.."snow princess"..and everybody has to bear with it=p
This was made by me and my friend G. hehe..we made boobs so that it wont be mistaken as snow MAN..could not be seen??o_O

For first timer like me..lemme tell you a secret; making a snow man was not an easy job like doing ABC!haha..
First..the snow was soooo soft..it was hard to build something that's big.
Second..I don't know how to ball snow..hence the snow princess's look T_T
Third..some kid will throw to you snow balls and ruin everything!huh!

Another secret..
This was actually my first snow man T_T..But I told G..no way this gona b my first! One of our company has already surrendered due to coldness..so left me n G.

Finally...we made it. With boobs and limbs=p haha..because its a princess..pink scarf is a must=) oh..she can have mine ^_^
However...without the scarf T_T..fine!I still failed T_T waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...oh oh..can you see the two b**bies??=p

Howla to make the snow become round??:S


  1. wahhh kakak..wish could go to japan..T_T
    teringin sgt nk kerja kat sana..but umi xbg..obviously umi suruh kerja dgn ayah bl grad nnt..huwaaa..T_T

  2. hahaha. tak tau plak akak student kat situ. takpe. yang penting sye suke blog akak ni. hehehe. yoroshiku onegaishimasu. arigatou oni-chan!

  3. salam kenal dr sendai..tahu kat blog shaofie... bestnyaa main yuki..snow princess i likee... hehe...

  4. eiqa:don't worry there's always a way. i never dreamt of going here..let alone stay n study T_T...sometimes, things happen when we least expect it=) byk2kan berdoa ^_^
    Shaofie:yeah..akak studen lg T_T suke??haha..hopefully it will b for long=p onechan laa..hehe
    hanis:salam kenal..sendai??kat mane yek??



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