Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Watch your weight!


Aigooo...I ate so much=( But it's already late at night. Must not keep doing this or else ..gemok T_T
I have started to feeling fat nih. What to do...people here only start balik when it's over 8. WHen I arrived and do few chores it was already 9 =( waaa!!
really hv to think something about it=(

Maybe a dance could do=p hehe..
I learned this Japanese cultural dance when I visited a village in the hillside of Hiroshima.
It was sooo fun!
Give it a try shall we??^_^

I remembered when I was in Malaysia..I tried so hard to keep active. If there's nothing else to do, I'll jog in the evening. Hmm..I don't have any idea what to do to end this sedentary life in here. It is too cold for outdoor..and I am too busy for anything besides work T-T..

I hope you guys will also watch your weight. Let's get healthy together ^_^


  1. ok. saye tgh buat. smbil practice dkt bilek. haaha.

  2. k wani xkan gemok punye la.comel ade la..hehehe..sejuk ni je mkn byk.berat xcukup tu,xpela mkn,mkn dan mkn

  3. Shaofie:haha..pastu g naik timbang.kuros dah??=p
    yus:xkan gemok??amin..mintak2 begitula hendaknye..amin (sambil berusehe butang baju yang dh jadik ketat T-T)

  4. musim berat naik kot..kwn2 semua pun mcm makin bulat j..termsk eiqa..bila free petang2 kitorg g gym yg uitm sediakan untuk bdk kolej luar..since dkt dgn umh sewa selalu g..tp kalori hilang dlm 400 makanan berjuta2 kalorinya..:D

  5. eiqa:hehe..tu la pasal..nk simpan kalori tu senang n bes je..nk kuarkan balik T_T

  6. hihi..ada step tarian melayu nmpknye.
    mula2 dulu yoo pun tunggu diorng ni balik br balik rumah. lama2, dgn selamba jek kemas2 dan cakap "Osakini shitsurei shimasu"....hahahaha, balik2.



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