Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embrace who you are

Konnichiwa everybody..

Have you ever feel like trapped in your own body?
When you have this burning desire to do something..but..your were born incapable of doing it.

Tak faham?

I will make myself as an example:
Let's say I like modelling..
But I am a petite..a very petite..
I had difficulties buying long dresses or pants without the needs to amend them. Let alone be a model who could fit to the standard size without major amendments.

Lucky me..I never had that dream..
*I just wanna have my talk show..height is not a requirement right??=( But I am stuck with..I don't know...T_T haha*

Sometimes people are just not satisfied with what they have. Who they are.
Who likes all of yourself?Cited from Ms. Hanis Zalikha; "We are just not our own taste."
There must be some parts of it that you wish was not that..=|

Glad to be Muslim isn't it??Coz we are taught to accept who we are and live with it.
Be the best out of it. I am very sure that we are all learning to make full use of ourselves.
Like me..I am using all the advantages I have as a petite..and making others do the difficult job which requires a lot of energy and..height.haha..see..=p

Small things like..round face (instead too round), short legs..all are still manageable.
But..what will happen don't like the whole of you. The whole genes. including your soul that you were born with.

These kind of people said they were born in the wrong body...

Image: Source

Check out the Givenchy poster (pronounced as Ji-von-chi..please pronounce it correctly girls..hehe). I seriously love this one. Especially the second model from right..whom I thought was a girl. Why else I thought that..she was wearing lipstick and looking so damn hot in there!!

Don't you agree??what an 'it' "girl".

Meet Leah T. She is actually a He. If I am not mistaken he is from Brazil.

I was so shocked when I heard his voice know sometimes we can predict the sound from the face=p

He was so brave for the 'coming out' when he was at the peak. Telling the world about who he actually was.

For me, he is so lucky to be born in this era when people being more accepting of who you are. Despite of the confession, he (who will becoming she in no time..coz he's waiting for 'the surgery') is still accepted by the family, relatives, friends..and who else..the world!

I bet we will see more of him even after he being a she. But definitely not in TV commercial where voices might be needed=p

Leah T embraced the fact that his soul is a woman when he was already an adult.
Recently, I watched a sneak peek of a new TV show called "Our America". One of the episode covering about this one boy..behaving like a real girly girl at the age of two. He was doing it he was born as a girl. The parents could not do anything but support the kids growing as a girl.
The kid even asked the parent why he doesn't have body like mommy??=|

If you are the parent, what will you say..and how would you react if your children showing the other personality other than they have been born with??

I don't wanna be a person who judge others. I understood so much of people being judge blindly. It is not fair for them cz you know we cannot understand how they suffer to be trapped in the situation.

I do understand their choices in life.
Being against the's surely very painful.
Yet, life is about choices. Making choices is not usually easy. Sometimes, to be ourselves, we have to also make a choice.
If you are given an A body, born with B soul..what can you justify from that??

Embrace who you are..peeps..
Puan Wani

p/s:Nauzubillah..jauhkanlah keturunanku daripada tergolong dalam golongan seperti ini..


  1. i have a friend yang skang dah jadi shemale. memang cantik jadi she. jadi male pun hensem. he declared himself as a shemale, joined all the beauty pageant, now a MUA, and his family accepts him as what he is now. dah opp the boobs and now maybe save money to opp for the 'v'. scary eih?...

  2. scary for sure la..nk ptg..err...kan??
    what to a friend, we accept them for who they are..dosa pahala, antara die dgn tuhan kan??



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