Saturday, March 26, 2011

Historic Laksa..

I am sorry that I have to put this post..
sebab pasal laksa je..
But it's a big deal for me cz...this is my favourite food..and last Monday was the first time I have ever cook it myself. Before this I have to beg other people to cook it for me T_T

It's like breaking another wall in my life=)
After the trial..quite successful trial..I felt so by being able to cook my favorite food without help, I consider myself as a little more independent than the days before=)

So y'all..don't wait up, break another wall!
Oh, this is my first laksa..Historic..=P Lol!


  1. hai..nampak sedap nih..nyummm

  2. Yoo:hari mggu ni nk wat lg=p
    Noli:mmg setail survivor la T_T



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