Friday, March 25, 2011

Hubby and cooking

Who's husband is very good in cooking??
Oh, no need to be very least good..or..fine=)
My darling baby sweetheart yg jauh di mate tu...I nk puji sikit..he CAN cook=)
Of course..he has been living far from his mother since he was 19 if I not mistaken. He's been living overseas ever since and usually people like this will be a good cook=)
I assumed my husband was..=)

I think he's born to be an engineer..
The first dish he cooked for me was nasi goreng..
Why I said he's very talented??cz I swear the nasi goreng tasted exactly like tayar after emergency break!!
Yes, my husband is engineer buat kerete hape tah (I have no idea about his work =|) can I not love him more!!=|tell me who else could cook like that??=|

He's also an inventor=) So talented!!He must have a good gene. Thank God I found you dear sayangku intan payung gunung meletop...
Second and last time ever he cooked for me was..masak lemak cili padi ayam..
I cannot explain how 'unique' the taste was!!The chicken in the dish not at all tasted like chicken!!Tell me where can you find a good inventor like the one I married=|

I cannot accept anymore love like this..I can't stand too much love..
So, WE (I) decided to just let me do the cooking even though I never cook before.
Lagipun, he must be tired of cooking his own meals for yearsss right??Why don't I start cooking for US (my survival)..
Since the 'masak lemak cili api ayam' tragedy..I insisted to fill up the fridge with edible, NORMAL dish during my missing.
I was back home once every 3 weeks (most of the time..)
So, I cooked the stock to be eaten for the whole 3 week.
Gosh..of course it involves a few kilos of meats and chicken..

Here's the latest cooking I keep in the fridge for him..

However, the bihun habes after I left for a day T-T

Since the wedding, I tried so hard to not end up eating food cooked by him..
No, not because of 'that''s a way I show my love (u wished!)

Whateva bebeh..I love you still..and you know how 'good' you are in cooking T_T
Puan Wani


  1. waaaa..he's so 'good' till ko tak leh nk handle the love eh.. =D
    love tis entry...i loike!!

  2. Ye..aku dh xleh nk terime lg rase2 uniq yang x diterime akal..biarla aku je yg masak T_T

  3. lol. memule puas pk mksud analogy tayar lepas break ko tu. hahaha. dah bc br phm. kahkahkah.

    but ur entry made me realized dat hubby never once cook for me. *_* nk soh die msk la esok. hihihi

  4. SCR:better jgn...left u with so much trauma and stuffy feeling of the stomach..the system will reject the idea by showing kerosakan pade system pencernaan..hubby tried so many times nk buat seprais cooking..i's wasteful=|

  5. HAHAHA~..adoi hai..ingt hebat la kan dier masak!@_@


  6. hahahaha...tersenyum terus baca nih. macam mana la rasa tayar lepas emergency break tu dgn ayam yg tak rasa ayam.

    maybe the taste tak sedap..but the memories tu mahal. :)

  7. Lovelyadibah:=p
    Yoo:x payahla susah nk bongkarkan rahsie tu..tu sume bakat..cemane besusah payah kite cube wat pon xkn dpt nye=|
    ye..memori tu kekal especially kalo die diregister dlm bentuk trauma=|

  8. sis,buat eiqa ragu2 nk kawen dgn bdk bf bdk mekanikal..i wonder klu kawen mcm ne la dia msk..haha

  9. kes terpencil je eiqa..n dorang mmg x bebakat ni not d reason kite x kawen dorang kan ^_^..
    yg peristiwe nasi goreng tu before the wedding la syg..n i still marry him even so=p

  10. hahaha..rasanya sama je kot..sbb hr 2 dia pnh kol tnye nk msk nasi guna periuk api sbb xde rice cooker kt umh sewa..n nasi 2 hangit..hahahaha..but,4 surr im till in love with him wlupun kdng2 ckp dgn dia rasa ckp dgn mesin je



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